Highlights of Obama’s First Few Months In Office.

March 10, 2009

I just thought I’d provide a few highlights updates for you from Obama’s first few months in office.

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Another Person on the Obama “Enemies List”

March 6, 2009

Ok, this is a more recent development.  The stock market is tanking, unemployment is now above 8%, and people are pulling their money out of healthcare stocks.

Now Jim Cramer – host of CNBC’s Mad Money, is going off on the Obama regime.

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This Is Not the Start of a New Great Depression.

October 3, 2008

Chicken Little has added an amplifier to his sound system in recent days.  There’s lots of talk that we’re sliding into a new Great Depression, because of the current financial tumult.  Yes, the start of the Great Depression is eerily similar to what’s going on now.  But the financial collapse in 1929 wasn’t what really caused the Great Depression en toto.

There were several factors, one of which – and perhaps the biggest hit America took – is generally overlooked.

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