Corporatism, the Canadian Way!

January 31, 2011

It is always amusing when liberals who run around bleeding out their eyeballs about “corporatism” get slapped with a little dose of reality.  Canadian citizens are now learning that hard little lesson.  Then again, this is the nation that has such a wonderful health care system that their citizens flee to the United States for real treatment.

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A Response to a Recent Posting of Mine

January 26, 2011

If you’ve read my post High oil prices? Weak dollar? Blame Obama, you’ll see that a reader has decided to challenge me on a couple of my assertions.  I started writing this as a reply to the comment, but the reply itself took on some dimensions that I thought would be worthy of a blog entry.

So, “Buh,” this post is for you!

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Found: Two Idiots Teaching at Yale

January 10, 2011

Once more, a couple of idiot, leftist professors are wringing their hands over the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the “wealthy.” 

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No Lawrence, The Internet is not the Devil

July 26, 2010

(The link to the blog entry upon which this post is aimed is titled, “Internet: Destroyer of Worlds.“)

No Lawrence, the Internet is not the Devil.

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Liberal Myth #4: The Seperation Between Church and State.

July 26, 2010

Yes, we’ve all heard it.  You can’t put the word “God” on money because of that “wall” that Jefferson wanted between Church and State.  Can’t have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse because of the “wall” between Church and State.  Their argument is that the United States of America is a secular institution.

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Thoughts on the Shirley Sherrod Affair

July 23, 2010

Now that the full videotape of Shirley Sherrod has been released. And it appears that her comments were “taken out of context,” the question I have is: who cares?

She admitted she screwed over a farmer that she was supposed to help due to his race.  Period.  End of discussion.

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Why The Auto Industry Is Failing – Part 5

December 15, 2008

In this installment, we discuss the prevailing socialist work mentality held by many employees.

Mind you, I work in the automotive sector.  So I’ve seen all this stuff up close and personal.

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