Why The Auto Industry Is Failing – Part 1.

November 19, 2008

Up until a few years ago, I avoided the automotive sector like the plague when looking for a job.  I got canned at my previous position,  so the first decent offer that came along I jumped at.

It placed me at a supplier (of sorts) to the Big Three, and for the last several years I’ve been working at one of the auto companies.  Furthermore, not only have I been working for one of the auto companies, but also several other companies that supply domestic automakers with specific solutions (which my elusive nature forbids me to divulge).  Needless to say, I have a lot of inside information about the American auto companies.

I can say, with some credibility, that the people running places like GM, Ford, and Chrysler had very little to do with their current predicament.  Most of the failures at the Big Three were brought on by the federal government, and liberals in generals.  So, I decided to do a series of posts on the reasons for the impending collapse of the auto industry.

In this post, we examine labor unions.

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