Example #3 – Chris Matthews

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Please, don’t sit there and tell me that MSNBC is a source for unbiased news and analysis.  Don’t tell me that shows like Hardball aren’t in the bag for the Democrats.  It’s a lie.

Want proof?

Exhibit “A” – an interview with Chris Matthews on Joe Scarborough’s show Morning Joe, November 6th, 2008.  A minute or two into the discussion:

CM: I wanna do all I can to make this thing work – this new (Obama) presidency work, and I think that a successful motto is-

JS: Is that you job you just talked about?  You think (?) you’re a journalist.

CM: My job is to help this country.

JS: So, you’re job as a journalist is to make this presidency work?

CM: Ah – um – to make this work successfully.  This country needs a successful presidency more than anything right now.  And it needs to set the priorities straight.  And I think a successful presidency keeps the focus like Reagan did, and shows the kind of discipline that LBJ did in keeping control, and the crackle that Kennedy had.

“Make this presidency work?”  Like all the hard work he did with the current president, George W. Bush?

Want some examples?  Exhibit “B”: Chris Matthews obsessing on a couple of lines in a book about Bush, and his future plans:

Is the president trying to seduce the Democratic candidate, including Hillary, as well as the Republicans like Rudy, and Romney, and Thompson into backing his war, and continuing it?  Is that his game-plan?

Yes.  Bush is an evil Svengali, seducing people to continue a war that some of them either supported, or voted for from the get-go.

What did you make of (Bush’s comments about making money on the lecture circuit after he leaves the presidency)?  Did that surprise you – the crassness of a president who’s a war president, at the very moment he sending kids into battle, and getting killed?  Talking about how much loot he’s gonna get, the minute he gets out of office?  I got nothing against making speeches – I make them.  But for a president to talk about giving speeches, and making loot, and filling the coffers when he’s already got twenty-some million in the bank – it sounds crass.

Uh, huh.  Not only does Matthews insert the word “loot” in there – which a term that was expressly NOT used by Bush – but then after asking the question, Matthews goes on to basically condemn Bush as being crass.  All Bush did was answer a question truthfully.

Does that sound like Matthews is trying to help make the current “presidency work”?

Wait, I forgot: Chris Matthews’ resume includes long stints in the Democrat party.  Nope.  He’s “unbiased” and “objective”.


Now for Exhibit “C” (and you’ll love this one):

I think the White House Press Corps has been too nice to Bush.  I like the old days when Sam Donaldson there was kicking the president in the groin; when Leslie Stahl was doing the same.  When Chris Wallace – there was an “old days” attitude about the press, which it is your job to challenge the president, every day of the week, on the facts.  Your job was to make people question the president.  I don’t see that any more.


I don’t think I need to go any further with this.  The last statement pretty much makes my case.  He laments the fact that Bush isn’t brutalized by the press while he’s in office, yet has decided to be all loving and helpful now that Obama is in there.

Someone should ask Chris Matthews what flavor shoe polish Barack (The Nazarine) Obama wears.






And yes, Chris, I doubt your “independence”.  You’re a left-wing, Democrat hack whose principles were pulled from a whorehouse.

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