The Myth of the “Fool’s Errand”

October 20, 2013

Not too long ago, Senator John McCain went on TV, and excoriated Ted Cruz for daring to stand up and filibuster in the vain attempt to de-fund and destroy that pox on Americana that we all know as “Obamacare.”  Then again, this is nothing new for John McCain.  He said similar things about TEA Party-backed candidates, comparing them to Hobbits on a mission to destroy the One Ring in the heart of Mordor.  Honestly, the comparison couldn’t haven’t been more appropriate…and not in the way most people think.

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A Response to a Recent Posting of Mine

January 26, 2011

If you’ve read my post High oil prices? Weak dollar? Blame Obama, you’ll see that a reader has decided to challenge me on a couple of my assertions.  I started writing this as a reply to the comment, but the reply itself took on some dimensions that I thought would be worthy of a blog entry.

So, “Buh,” this post is for you!

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This Guy “Gets” America.

February 4, 2009

Some of you may know of Yngwie Malmsteen.  This guy is a rock musician, and probably one of THE best guitarists in the world.  He is amazingly fast.  To many, he also has a huge ego. 

Typically, musicians are notoriously ignorant and liberal (redundant, I know).  So I was utterly stunned when I saw this on youtube.

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Welcome to the Unknown Conservative’s Weblog.

August 18, 2008

I guess as my first entry I should tell you a little bit about myself.  I live in the United States of America – the greatest nation in the world.  I develop software for a living, and make a good chunk of change doing so.  I’m also about as far right-wing, and pro-religion as you’ll probably get these days.

I know a little bit about history.

I’ve done just about a little of everything.

Chicks dig me.





Oh yeah, and I’m a really swell guy too. 

(Yep.  It’s pretty much downhill from there.)