Basically, I’m a software developer based in Michigan…the land of the endless recession (thank you Jennifer Granholm).  I make a decent living doing what I do.  I also like to remain anonymous, because I enjoy a certain measure of privacy.  Hence the name of this blog.  I enjoy the give-and-take of debate.  If this blogging thing works out, I might expand this blog, and how it presently works.  Right now, I’m basically dipping my toe in the water to see how things work out.

Not only am I a right-wing religious zealot, but I can be insightful, charming, thoughtful, and a hell of a swell guy.

Chicks dig me.  (Have I said that before?)

By the way, if you have no sense of humor, I’m sure the only thing my blog will do is p*ss you off.  So forewarned is forearmed.

This all started several years back with a rather long and intense e-mail debate with the liberal relative of a close friend of mine, in which many participants were privy to the discussion.  I forget exactly where the debate started, but it eventually went from political, to religious, and then into historical areas.  When I next saw the people who were monitoring the lively exchange, I discovered that I had established a cult following and/or a mythic status very much like that of a Greek god.

I managed to stop them before they sacrificed three healthy bullocks to a marble image they had made of me.  The upside is that I’ve got at least half of them convinced that they need to hand over all their worldly possessions to me, so that we can relocate to a compound somewhere in rural Utah.

Ever since then, my good friend has been pestering me (and pestering me…and…pestering me) to start some sort of blog, or somethingorother, because he actually believes that I’m a) insightful, and b) good with the written word.  Ok, cool – I’ve got no social life to speak of.  I can do that.  The only thing was, I actually thought I had to pay someone to set this kind of thing up.

Someone told me – specifically, he whom I shall call “The Pester-er-er” – I could do this for “free” (in reality, NOTHING is free).

“Free” is a favorite word of mine.  I was all over that like white on rice.

The rest is history.



Did I mention that chicks dig me?


2 Responses to About

  1. a.k.a. The Cat Herder says:

    I’ve read just about everything you have wrote here… did you read my mind? Although, I have to say you have a much better way of putting things into words than I. It seems that us conservatives (not necessarily Republicans, either) are in a minority these days, as the cult of Obama has taken this once great country by the neck. I have yet to come across an Obama-naut that can tell me, without foaming at the mouth about McCain/Palin, what exactly their man stands for. All I see is empty rhetoric from a man who’s position shifts like footsteps in sand. Keep up the writing, I’ll be waiting for more.

  2. unknownconservative says:

    Thank you for the compliment.

    Among my many talents is the ability to read minds. Some minds can be hard to understand, and can take hours of scanning.

    I read Joe Biden’s mind in under a second, and all I got was a bad recipe for nachos. Go figure…

    All I could get out out of Al Gore was an annoying echo, and the faint sound of circus music – off-key, of course.

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