The Myth of the “Fool’s Errand”

Not too long ago, Senator John McCain went on TV, and excoriated Ted Cruz for daring to stand up and filibuster in the vain attempt to de-fund and destroy that pox on Americana that we all know as “Obamacare.”  Then again, this is nothing new for John McCain.  He said similar things about TEA Party-backed candidates, comparing them to Hobbits on a mission to destroy the One Ring in the heart of Mordor.  Honestly, the comparison couldn’t haven’t been more appropriate…and not in the way most people think.

Tolkien LOVED his Hobbits, as did his other fictional character Gandalf.  They were silly.  They were unassuming.  Moreover, they were able to do things that most people couldn’t because of one very basic thing: virtue.  A type of virtue that no one really identified.  Neither the wise, ageless Elves picked up on it, nor the scheming Saruman, or even the infinitely cunning and devious Sauron would see – at least until the very end – just how their own ignorance and assumed self-confidence was their very undoing.  Because, in the end, people often see the only solution is to bare-knuckle one’s way through a problem, and the guy with the thickest knuckles and meatiest arms is the only way to win in that type of situation.

This, of course, ignores that area north of the thighs, and below the belly button.  One well-placed blow there and those huge muscles and thick knuckles mean nothing at that point.

Now if you are one of those silly Christians and Jews who are actually dumb enough to believe a lot of the stuff in the Bible, you realize that in addition to Tolkien, some lesser-known individuals – namely Jesus and…uh…God – sorta say the same thing.  In fact, this theme is repeated over, and over, and over again.  Nearsightedness and arrogance are renown “stumbling blocks” for the haughty and the mighty.  Jesus often went out of his way to rebuke, and confound the supposed “wise” of his time, so much so that the only way they assumed to be rid of him was to kill him off.  Now whether you actually believe the notion of the Resurrection or not, one thing that can’t be denied that the words of Jesus were the core influence on Western Society, and still have as much impact today as they did back them.  So it shows just how miserably the “Wise” failed their mission.

So, in mocking the TEA Party types, John McCain is basically also mocking Jesus.  I mean, seriously: did anyone ever really think that Jesus would have been crowned the earthly King of the Jews in his time?  Even Jesus didn’t believe that (as he predicted his own execution).  His death and subsequent Resurrection had a FAR greater impact than even “The Wise” could have foreseen in their time.

But were John McCain been around in those days, he would have undoubtedly mocked the mission of Jesus with the same zeal and agenda by which he mocks the TEA Party.

So, am I comparing TEA Party politicians to Jesus?  Well, only a fool (read: Democrat voter) would make that kind of comparison.  What I am saying, however, is that humanity is awash with power-hungry, short-sighted types like John McCain.

History is replete with circumstances and fortunes changing on the unimaginable – people who came out of nowhere to change the course of human events.  It is the reason why Abraham Lincoln was so dubbed a “dark horse candidate.”  Which only further illustrates McCain’s historical ignorance…of his own frickin’ party…

Let’s face it: John McCain’s claim to fame is that he was “brave” getting the crap kicked out of him, day-after-day for several years on end.  Yes, that takes quite a bit of fortitude, but it takes very little bravery.  And let’s also understand that after John McCain came back, his life and deeds have been somewhat less than stellar.  Let’s call him for what he really is: an ambitious man who is in it all for himself.  Everything else is a façade.  He sucked at being a devoted husband, and had to marry a sugar-momma to make his wealth.  As evidenced by his dim-witted, dolt of a daughter he obviously sucked at being a decent, upright father.

However, Ted Cruz went into his filibuster knowing that there was little-to-no chance of success; there are several interviews where he says that outright.  Standing up for what you believe, especially in the face of criticism of the type and volume he has received, is the classic definition of bravery.  There mere fact this man has so many people bent out-of-shape for merely filibustering a bill that was going to pass anyways can only really tell you one thing: that his efforts were no a “fool’s errand”.  No one gets that kind of unhinged reaction and criticism for a pointless effort.  No one.  Period.

What Cruz did was let people know in no uncertain terms, that there were people who had not been corrupted by the system, and were willing to fight; even if that means they are going to lose a few battles here and there.  George Washington lost quite a few battles, yet America won her independence.  So, “lost causes” are pretty much those of which the participants gave up fighting.

So, in one fell swoop, Ted Cruz pulled all of the vermin out of the woodwork, and exposed them for what they were.

“Mission Accomplished,” I’d say.


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