A Birth Certificate Proves Nothing for Obama

The fact that Barack Obama has finally produced a birth certificate doesn’t mean this “birther” thing has gone away.

Not that I’m questioning he authenticity of the birth certificate…which privately I do.  But now that it has been revealed, it raises a couple of very ugly questions concerning the current President.

When watching the news about the birth certificate with my wife I turned to her and asked, “OK, what’s the first question that comes to your mind?”

My wife answered, “Why didn’t he [Baby Doc Obama] produce it [the birth certificate] months earlier?”

My wife, while on my side of the fence politically, is not a huge politico.  She’s pretty disconnected from all of the punditry.  And, to be honest, she gave me the answer that I was initially looking for, without having to drill down much further.

So, if my wife is asking herself the question, odds are a LOT of people are asking the same thing.  Why did it take Donald Trump to beat this little detail out of Baby Doc Obama?  No matter how you answer the question, it only looks bad for our recently-elected wannabe tyrant.

If you say, “Well, that’s HIS personal business!”  The appropriate and damning response is, “No, he’s the President of the United States.”  If there is even a whiff of impropriety as to his constitutionality-mandated qualifications, he needs to clear that up right quick.  It stops being his “personal” business when he’s the guy who has access to the nuclear football.  End of story.

And you can’t say that no one has a right to demand that he show his birth certificate, because every citizen of the United States has both an interest and a right to know, for certain, that the head of the Executive Branch fits the criteria set out in the Constitution.

If you say, “Well, Obama was waiting for the right moment, politically, to reveal the document.”  That only leaves the impression that politics and game-play are more important to Obama than proving he’s legitimate.

You also can’t say that there was no need to produce it because he won the election.  If he wasn’t a natural-born US citizen, he would have been physically thrown out of office.  The Constitution is clear.  It might even start riots.  It might undermine his authority with the military, and other such things.  Guaranteed, he wouldn’t win the case to stay in the Supreme Court.

You can’t say that it is all racial.  It is not unreasonable for a person whose father wasn’t a citizen of the US to prove his natural-born status.  And you definitely can’t take Baby Doc Obama at his word, because he is a politician, and therefore a liar by default.

If you say, “Well, it takes time to get a copy!”  The next obvious question in rebuttal would be, “Why didn’t he have it in his personal possession in the first place?’  I’ve had authorized copies of mine since I was eighteen years old.  I could produce them in a matter of minutes.  Yet here we have a guy who was a state senator, a senator in Congress, and now a President who didn’t feel the need or urgency to have one?  How did he get most of his official documents, like a driver’s license.  I needed a birth certificate to get mine.  How is it that he got one without the proper documentation?

Trump had his out and in the press in less than a day.  But the President of the frickin’ United States couldn’t he a certified copy of his in the span of two years?  Please!

The only obvious answers lead to one basic fact: Obama is an arrogant elitist.  The only way you stall having to produce documentation to answer the question of your natural-born status is if you a) think you’re above having to prove that, b) consider the people who question your authority as not being worth the time to answer, and c) think that the law and obligations to the law do not apply to you,.  But the problem is that you are an elected official.  The office is not yours by Divine Right.  You have an obligation to every citizen in the US to answer questions regarding your qualifications for the office – including the people who didn’t vote for you.  He didn’t answer them fully when he was elected.  He waited two years to answer them, and he had to be bullied into answering by the likes of Donald Trump.

His waiting for some high-profile contender to make an issue of the certificate also shows that he thinks the business of running the country is a game.  It’s all a big joke to him.  He gets to fly around on a big, private jet, vacation in Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons, and play as much golf and basketball as is his pleasure.

You, on the other had, have to pay $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline (if you have a job), and can’t afford to pay for a round of golf.

All of this fits what we know about Obama perfectly.  Is there any wonder why gas prices are so high?  Why the dollar is tanking?  Is it any wonder why unemployment is so high, or why inflation is taking off?  Or why the federal deficit is flying off the rails?  That’s because Baby Doc Obama believes that tackling the issues that are bringing a multitude of woes on a majority of Americans is beneath him.  He’d rather play political gotcha games to secure another four years of his aristocratic lifestyle.

That is unless it is wasting unbelievable amounts of money this nation doesn’t have.  In that case, he’s deadly serious.

So if you’re sitting at home, wondering if you’re going to lose your house because you haven’t gotten a job in the past year-and-a-half, you can feel secure that Baby Doc Obama’s highest priority is taking Donald Trump down a notch or two.

Or if you still have your guts in a knot because Gitmo is still open for business, we still have troops in Iraq, the Patriot Act is alive and kicking, and that virtually every liberal fantasy you envisioned Obama bringing to life has been bloodily dashed upon the rocks of political reality, you can be satisfied that your candidate finally took down them “birther nuts.”

Does anyone feel better now?



(P.S. – the odds are that the birth certificate is a fraud anyways…just like it’s “owner”…)


One Response to A Birth Certificate Proves Nothing for Obama

  1. Meeeeeeeee says:

    My original is a hand-written document & I was born later than he. It lists my religion & my parents address. Why are those missing? Apparently, she also wasn’t of age & married a foreigner & that puts him in another state of natural born. Additionally, his mother (rightfully so) gave up his American citizenship when she had to denounce it to get Indonesian citizenship. A grade school report reflects Indonesian & Muslim. Our forefathers were pretty smart when they said you should be from here & only from here. He’s been raised abroad & has no business being in politics, nevermind the country. He’s a radical that was raised on it. Morons in this country keep giving it away.

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