Why Our Grandparents Hated Actors

Nowadays, most actors are glorified.  They’re placed on some of the highest pedestals.  However, back in the old days, this wasn’t always the case.

In fact, back in the old days, acting was a profession to be shunned.  You were associated with people with fairly low character and pretty loose morals.  An article I read off of the Breitbart site BigHollywood.com only reinforces how our long-dead elders were much wiser than we often give them credit for.

John Nolte, a regular blogger at BigHollywood.com, has been harping about the upcoming movie “Paul”; brought to you by the same people who gave us the outrageously funny “Shaun of the Dead.”  Unlike the latter film, which centers on a zombie holocaust, this new film takes aim at two main groups of people: Christians, and Southerners.

Gosh.  That’s unique.  No, really…!

The movie is about a pot-smoking alien, and the shattering of a Creationist’s beliefs of a creator God.

It’s a fun movie, but do you think you’re going to get any flak from the Bible belt in America?

Simon Pegg: Who doesn’t get flak from the Bible belt in America?

Nick Frost: As I said to Simon early, it’s a road movie with an alien in it. If they’re going to get annoyed at that… Really, if you have faith then a film about a dope-smoking alien isn’t going to affect that. It’s just another way of seeing. We were really interested in the idea that someone could have their belief system shattered by a single moment, and that’s why Ruth, Kristen’s character, is a Creationist, is a very specific wing of Christianity, which you can’t have a film with an alien in and it not be counter to that idea. Even Mac and Me is an anti-Creationist film because there’s an alien in it. We’re not being anti-religion; it’s just that’s the universe that the film takes place in. Paul at one point – I think the line was lost in the end – said: “I don’t know. I’m just saying there probably isn’t”. Certainly, that sort of dogma can’t exist if Paul exists, and we love the idea of Ruth suddenly just changing from being one thing to another in a second, and that was it. It wasn’t a crusade against organised religion.

Jason Bateman: The scales are a bit swayed. I mean you’d have to go along time, make a lot of movies to balance the scales on people thinking maybe that’s not the way everything happened [God’s creation]. It’s like come on.

Simon Pegg: There wasn’t a massive atheist protest when The Ten Commandments came out. There wasn’t a protest at my local school at the Nativity play this year. It’s just a film.

Ok, where do I start?

Atheist protest over the Ten Commandments?  You mean the same atheists who are trying to remove In God We Trust from our currency?  Or the same people who are trying to make sure that you cannot even mention the name Jesus Christ in a public classroom without causing a Constitutional crisis?

Or maybe we’re talking about the same atheists that took over in Russia, slaughtered the Czar, his family, and tens-of-millions of Russians before their atheist/socialist utopia collapsed?

By contrast, getting their panties in a bunch over a screening of the Ten Commandments might be seen as a bit of a non-starter.  Then again, why would they protest a movie that portrays what they don’t believe in from the outset? You’re not “defaming” their belief in essentially nothing, by supporting a belief in something.  Can anyone tell me where, in the script of the Ten Commandments, where an atheist was singled out by Moses, and beset with the pox?

Then again, I guess this just shows what a bunch of candy-a**es most atheists are, as they can’t stand it when someone believes in something contrary to their ideology.  Were Christians like that, there would be no atheists, Muslims, Jews, or Buddhists residing in this country (which, after all, was founded by believing Christians, populated by believing Christians, and built by believing Christians).  However, mention God in any way, shape, or form and your average atheist runs to a lawyer looking for reparations.

Funny – I believe in God, but I don’t feel the urge to go protest over movies based off of H. P. Lovecraft stories.  Maybe I should start?

As for the idea that having a Creationist’s “belief system shattered by a single moment”…indeed, it is “interesting.”  Because shattering a belief that there is a loving God is far more palatable than the reverse; mainly because if the reverse is true, then disbelievers and blasphemers are on a one-way monorail to Hell.


As for the film not being “anti-religion,” that sorta contradicts the part where Nick Frost says that the main premise is aimed at shattering the beliefs of Creationists.  So…uh…not sure where he gets the idea that it isn’t bashing religion.

Maybe, his next film will be about a pot-smoking Prophet Mohammed?  Oh, wait, do that and you’ll probably be decapitated.

By the way – and I thought I should point this little factoid out – it isn’t just Christians that believe that an almighty Creator made the earth.  That whole “Bible” thingie started out as the Jewish Torah.  I might add that the Muslims are pretty hip to the notion that we didn’t just randomly arise from primordial ooze (which no one has been able to conclusively prove in the first place).

But why didn’t Simon Pegg and company make one of the main characters a Jew or a Muslim?  Well, aside from the whole “decapitation” risk (see above), using a believing Jew might get Mr. Pegg and his cohorts labeled as a bunch of anti-Semites.  So, they only group they have a hall pass to go after is Christians, who will tolerate their lowlife crap.

As for Jason Bateman and his “scales,” consider this: if there is one constant in life, it will be that the modern-day entertainment industry will urinate on anything that has even the slightest scent of being decent.  If they are not painting the US military as a bunch of criminals and murderers (Platoon, Apocolypse Now, The Mist, Seven Days in May, Doctor Strangelove, The Siege, The Thin Red Line), Christians as a bunch of clueless nuts / hypocrites / monsters (Kingdom of Heaven, Contact, The Mist, Carrie, Pray TV, Oh God, Dogma, The Da Vinci Code, The Man From Earth, Religulous, Little Big Man, Malcom X, The Name of the Rose, From Within), business and businessmen as evil (The China Syndrome, Erin Brockovich, A Civil Action, Wall Street, Syriana, The Informant, The Corporation, The Pelican Brief, Disclosure, Class Action) then they’re pushing blasphemy (The Last Temptation of Christ, Stigmata, Priest, Michael, Legion), or advocating perversion (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, To Wong Foo, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Vegas in Space, The Birdcage, Frida, Eyes Wide Shut, The L Word, Kinsey).

In fact, it would be easier to list the stuff from the entertainment industry that doesn’t follow any of the normal “guidelines.”  Oh, and don’t get me started on what Hollywood thinks of low- to middle-class Southerners (who are always portrayed as rednecks), Midwesterners, and Republicans.  If they aren’t living in a trailer, having sex with children, or banging the neighbor’s wife, they’re lynching black people.  Then again, blacks are routinely portrayed in movies as gang-bangers, or getto-talking homeboys so I guess it all evens-out in the end.

Which gets me back to the notion that actors and entertainers today are little more than degenerates.  You can’t honestly enjoy pissing-off Bible Belt America, and take a part in a production that harps on the same formulaic crap designed to degrade the institutions I defined without a serious lack of morals.  You might say it’s kinda like bathing in poo for a good two hours: it’s warm, and after a while you don’t notice the stench anymore, because your sense of smell has been overloaded.  They may start out being nervous about offending average people, or even might have a twinge or two of conscience.  But after a while when you get used to being neck-deep in crap – and getting paid for it, I might add – you stop worrying about that whole right / wrong paradigm.

Before long, you start thinking its fun to smear crap all over some peoples’ closely-held beliefs, and then wondering why there’s a backlash.

Or, worse yet, relishing the backlash.  Which puts people like Simon Pegg in the same category as Michael Moore, who also creates fiction with the sole purpose of crapping on honorable people and institutions.  Then again, they are entertainers, after all.  They are the people who are creative, and much smarter than the rest of us.  You know, us plebes who write software, design cars, send rockets to the moon, and so on.  We aren’t intelligent enough to realize that there is no God.  We just can’t grasp the concept.

I mean, actors and entertainment types are so broad-minded.  It takes a creative, open mind to make several trips to a rehab facility, do post-production interviews pushing a movie that is an obvious turd (I can’t tell you the number of times I see actors smiling in interviews, talking about how great their recent movie is when even the most interested viewer of said film will tell you is sucks), go through several marriages while touting that your current marriage is “the greatest,” jump up and down on Oprah’s couch like a knife-wielding maniac, and get arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer.

Did I ever mention that both Einstein and Newton both believed in God?  Too bad they won’t be around to see the movie “Paul”, so Nick Frost can show them how truly, truly wrong they were.

Maybe we should go back to just shunning actors again.  I’m gonna start by shunning the movie “Paul”.

3 Responses to Why Our Grandparents Hated Actors

  1. “Atheist protest over the Ten Commandments?”

    They were referring to the movie starring Charlton Heston.

  2. unknownconservative says:

    There was a movie about that?

    I’m shocked.

    And outraged.

    I’ll start protesting immediately!

    (I’m aware, and was aware of the context of the quote. Thanks.)

  3. You went on to complain about people protesting the hanging of Christian iconography in Federal buildings, so it wasn’t clear you understood the reference was to a film and not the Decalogue.

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