Proof of Kennedy Clan Inbreeding

I honestly think I know why so many of the Kennedy clan are utterly useless, vapid, and stupid.  Most likely it has something to do with inbreeding.

So, Robert Kennedy Jr. – you might remember him as the total nutcase who wants wind power everywhere, except where it is visible from his property – decides he’s going to educate us on the “rabid intolerance” of the right-wing.  I invite you to review his “lecture” on the

The Dallas, Texas, airwaves were particularly radioactive; preachers and political leaders and local businessmen spewed extremist vitriol on the city’s radio and TV stations, inflaming the passions of the city’s legions of unhinged fanatics. There was something about the city — a rage or craziness, that, whether sensible or not, seemed to have set the stage for Jack’s murder. The Voice of America, half an hour after the assassination, described Dallas as “the center of extreme right wing.” The Texas town was such a seething cauldron of right-wing depravity that historian William Manchester portrayed it as recalling the final days of the Weimar Republic. “Mad things happened,” reported Manchester. “Huge billboards screamed ‘Impeach Earl Warren.'” Jewish stores were smeared with crude swastikas. Fanatical young matrons swayed in public to the chant “Stevenson’s going to die — his heart will stop stop stop and he will burn burn burn!” The mercantile elite that ruled the city carefully cultivated the seeds of hate. Radical-right broadsides were distributed in public schools; the Kennedy name was booed in classrooms; junior executives who refused to attend radical seminars were blackballed and fired. Manchester continued:

Dallas had become the mecca for medicine show evangelists of the National Independence Convention, the Christian Crusades, the Minutemen, the John Birch Society and Patrick Henry Societies and the headquarters of right wing oil man H.L. Hunt and his dubious activities… The city’s mayor, Earl Carroll, a right wing co-founder of the John Birch Society, was known as ‘the socialist mayor of Dallas’ because he maintained his affiliation with the Democratic Party.

Dallas’s oil and gas barons who routinely denounced JFK as a “comsymp” had unbottled the genie of populist rage and harnessed it to the cause of radical ideology, anti-government fervor and corporate dominion.

Uncle Jack’s speech in Dallas was to have been an explosive broadside against the right wing. He found Dallas’ streets packed five deep with Kennedy Democrats, but among them were the familiar ornaments of presidential hatred; high-flying confederate flags and hundreds of posters adorning the walls and streets of Dallas showing Jack’s picture inscribed with “Wanted for Treason.” One man held a posterboard saying, “you a traitor [sic].” Other placards accused him of being a communist. When public school P.A. systems announced Jack’s assassination, Dallas school children as young as the fourth grade applauded. A Birmingham radio caller declared that “any white man who did what he did for niggers should be shot.” As my siblings and I visited the White House to console my cousins John and Caroline, a picket paraded out front with a sign, “God punished JFK.”

There’s only one problem with this flurry of emotive writing: the guy who killed “Uncle Jack” was a left-winger.

Yes, anyone with a history book, and a couple of functioning brain cells, knew that Lee Harvey Oswald:

1) Had been seen soliciting fliers for Castro’s Cuba,
2) Been interviewed on TV discussing the glories of the Cuban Revolution,
3) Publically admitted being a Marxist,
4) Renounced his citizenship to go live in the Soviet Union…you know, where radical left-wingers established a “people’s atheist socialist paradise” not long after they assassinated the Czar, his family, and about half the population of the country.

Maybe he missed a few of those facts since…oh…1963.  Not exactly the personal beliefs and habits that scream “right-winger.”

In fact, you can find all of these “previously unknown” facts if you watch any of the rotating History Channel / Biography Channel Discovery Channel / PBS broadcasts that run almost like clockwork, any book on the Kennedy assassination, or high school history book.

Which, I think, gives you a pretty good idea as to how “well read” Robert Kennedy Jr. really is.

What might be a little more disturbing is Robbie Junior is a professor at Pace University.  So, we have a complete and total moron, who has publically humiliated himself by posting utterly delusional nonsense, teaching kids…undoubtedly on your dime.

My thought is that the dissolution of the Kennedy legacy has something to do with inbreeding.  Because I find it hard to believe that people like this, supposedly educated, would write this kind of stupid crap and think that the rest of us won’t notice.  It might explain why so many Kennedys – including the “liberal lion” who is probably looking for an air conditioning unit in the lowest pits of Hell at this moment – are so utterly stupid and corrupt.  If they aren’t leaving staffers to drown (Teddy Kennedy), killing their girlfriends (Michael Skakel), or banging the babysitter (Michael Kennedy) they’re blathering about a bunch of stuff that is about as fantastical as it is moronic.

Because, I honestly think that you can’t write the stuff that Robert Kennedy Jr. just did, and not have a skull full of really, really bad wiring.

Of course, it probably doesn’t help that the patriarch of the family was a bootlegger, and nailing as much swinging tail as he could find.  Who knows, maybe a few of old Joe’s  conquests were his first cousins?  I guess we’ll never know…

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