A Bright and Shining Day Without the Democrats

That paragon of “progressive virtues” has written an article where he decries the potential collapse of the Democrat majority in Washington DC., and a radical shift of power in Congress.  His rallying cry?  That the country will start moving “backwards,” and no longer forwards.

So, I thought I’d add my own comments to McDimwit’s politically-contrived handwringing.

As for “going backwards,” if you mean somehow erasing the three trillion dollars that Baby Doc Obama has added to the national debt in just two years, then yeah: let’s RUN backwards at all possible speed.  Anyhow, here’s a link to his article on the Huffington Post.

During the last several years, the American people have lost faith in America’s banking system. Irresponsible lending, extravagant executive salaries, and the shady practice of trading derivatives left millions of families with no retirement savings and no hope. The Democrats instituted a series of significant reforms to return some confidence to the banking system, yet John Boehner promises to “repeal the financial regulation legislation.” A day without the Democrats will take us back to the financial chaos of the 1930s, forever destroying what little security middle class families still enjoy.

First, most Americans have no frickin’ clue as to what “derivatives” are, or how they are traded – which is just the way people like McDimwit like it.  That way they can pound their fist on the desk and decry how awful these practices are, and then amass a personal fortune in doing just that very same thing.  Why else do you think most people in Congress are loaded?

But Shady Jim would like you to ignore the fact that what precipitated the banking “meltdown” (and to this day I’m now wholly convinced that things were as grim as everyone claimed) was the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Both of these institutions were staunchly protected by Democrats.  Hell Barney Frank was making suck-face with one of their executives.

(Slight pause to throw up a little in my mouth.)

Furthermore, the “financial crisis” of the 1930s was fairly brief when compared to the devastating effect that FDR and his blood-sucking socialist cronies had on the economy.  Even after the “financial crisis,” the scorched earth socialist populism practiced by that smiling little communist devil left double-digit employment in its wake.  It took a world war and the collapse of just about every major economic power to right the ship.  Not exactly what I’d call a winning strategy for economic success.

But please, don’t let a few facts get in the way of a perfectly good Democrat delusion.

When it comes to health care, until President Obama and the Democrats enacted the Affordable Care Act, too many Americans faced an uncertain health care future. This law prevents health insurers from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions and ends the horrible practice of rescissions, in which insurers drop policyholders when they get sick. It also allows children to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26. John Boehner has vowed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. A day without the Democrats would set this country back to a time when children were denied health insurance because of asthma and other common childhood illnesses, and families were forced to declare bankruptcy to pay their medical bills.

Yes, they certainly “enacted” a heath care reform act, all righty.  They “enacted” it right down the throats of an unwilling majority of Americans.  Seriously, does this guy read anything other than back issues of Pravda?  Americans are hoppin’-frickin’-mad over how the US government stepped in with an eye on destroying private sector health care so as to replace it when a British-style system; no one with a brain in the head disputes this.  It is one of the main reasons why Democrats are being shown the door.

And like a typical liberal “progressive” weenie, McDimwit’s main strategy is to try and use women and children as human shields.  Wow, what a “man!”  Plus, last time I checked, after you turn 18, you officially stop becoming a “child.”  Yet one more example of how Democrats view voters: as a mass of children that need to be “parented” by a Big Brother government.  Average people aren’t adults, instead they are children.  The only adults are the people with the power.

And if you’ll notice that he doesn’t even try to make the claim that any of this reform will save anyone any money at all.  Now that the legislation has been passed, and health care costs are rocketing upward (like everyone who opposed this steaming turd-pile of legislation predicted), they’re abandoning the whole cost argument.  Guys like McDimwit lied through their teeth to try and fool everyone, and were successful.  Now he and his fellow sewer-weasels are crying foul because most people knew that virtually nothing government does saves money, and they’re going to throw out the bums this election cycle.

Really, why does anyone vote Democrat these days?  How can anyone be that frickin’ stupid?  However, I digress…

The Republicans in the House and the Senate resisted extension of unemployment benefits in 2010. If the Republicans take over, why would anyone think they will vote to extend benefits in 2011, even if unemployment remains at its current level? Republicans are on record stating their belief that an unemployment check creates a “moral hazard” and results in laziness as recipients sit and wait for a check rather than look for a job. Clearly, Republicans are not thinking about the millions of people currently looking for jobs that just aren’t there. A day without the Democrats isn’t going to create more jobs, but it will take away the last lifeline keeping millions of Americans from homelessness.

Yes, because it’s a real smart thing to do, when you’re already trillions in debt, to go even FURTHER into debt just so some people can continue to get a paycheck without being productive.  And believe you me, I know people who have been out of a job for over a year.  Some of them look for work, and many of them won’t until the unemployment runs out.  But then again, that’s the way guys like McDimwit like it.  Being subsidized by the government is a drug that’s WAY more addictive than crack or meth.  McDimwit likes to be a pusher, and makes a good living off of the people who fear withdrawal.

And why aren’t there jobs to be found in the first place?  Hmmm…I’d like to ask this: who has controlled government for the last two years?  Democrats.

And who controlled Congress for two years prior?  That’s right: Democrats.

Four years gone with Democrats basically running the show, and we have McDimwit here whining about no jobs being available.  Call me crazy, if you crap in your own bed at night, you’d better not wake up and start complaining about the stink.

One of the most serious problems facing the middle class today is the continuing foreclosures on homes. The banks refuse to acknowledge their bad debts, reduce their profits, or renegotiate the mortgages of millions of homeowners. Nothing is more important to a family and to a breadwinner than the ability to provide a warm, safe place for their loved ones at the end of the day. A day without the Democrats will put big banks back in the driver’s seat, destroying any chance that those middle class families facing foreclosure will ever get the help they need to hold onto their homes and regain their financial footing.

How many times have Democrats passed legislation to stop home foreclosures in the last 2 years?  How much stimulus money have we spent to keep people in their homes?  And after two years of unbelievable spending, you’re STILL complaining about homes being foreclosed?

 How do morons like these get elected in the first place?  What kind of idiot actually believes this crap?

How about America’s seniors? Social Security and Medicare are social safety nets vital to tens of millions of people in this country. If John Boehner and his budget guru, Congressman Paul Ryan, get their way, both Social Security and Medicare will be privatized. They trust Wall Street to be a better keeper of America’s social safety net than our federal government. No matter that over the last decade, bankers behaved like drunken customers at a casino, throwing away other people’s money in a wild spree of irresponsibility. In a day without the Democrats, you can say goodbye to Social Security and Medicare.

Protecting Medicare?  Is he frickin’ serious?  Didn’t the recent health care “reform” just gut Medicare by some half-trillion dollars?  As for Social Security, if anyone thinks that anyone is going to see what they paid into it in the near future, they’re kidding themselves.  Let’s face it: Social Security is already insolvent.  It’s like a chicken that still runs around with its head chopped off; it’s dead and it just doesn’t know it yet.  It died a long lingering death because it was a Ponzi scheme from the outset, and because it was used as a large reserve of money to fund any number of social welfare programs. 

Right now, as we speak, Democrats are already building a framework to prevent seniors from accessing Social Security.  On the Fox’s Hannity show, Bob Beckel – the uber-deluded Don Quixote of Democrat apologists – already trotted out the new Democrat justification for means-testing and rationing Social Security: that it was never meant to pat for every senior citizen.  Yep, right now they’re slowly building a message that when they told you that you have a right to Social Security, what they really meant is that you have NO right to Social Security.  What you paid in ain’t yours.  Sorry.  Sucks to be you!

So when Paul Ryan suggests that we privatize Social Security, what they are basically doing it preventing all that money that people paid into the system for decades being taken away at the whim of a bunch of greedy socialist maggots, most of whom occupy the bacteria-infested bowels of the Democrat party.

When people like Ryan talk about privatizing Medicare, what they are essentially doing is keeping it alive.

It is easy to understand the anxiety and fear of ordinary Americans in today’s uncertain economic climate. For many, the tea parties throughout the country are an appealing way to let off anger. However, we all know that decisions made in anger are usually misguided and much regretted.

Odd he should day this.  That same “anger” – most of which was fueled by a bunch of bogus assertions – was directed at Bush and the Republican party sweeping Democrats into office two election-cycles in a row.  Now poor wittle Jimmy is all in a tizzy that because they acted like Lenin’s halfwit cousins, they’re now going to be swept out with the same broom.  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

To be honest, there are a lot of Americans out there regretting their Democrat vote.  And reading McDimwit’s verbal bilge, it’s not hard to understand why.

In the next two weeks, the American people must sit down and take a deep breath, and consider whether they want to vote for the party that will continue moving America upward on the gradual climb out of the deep hole dug by Republicans when they controlled Congress and the White House. Or, would they rather give the shovels back to the Republicans so they can dig us in still deeper?

Do us a favor Shady Jim: go dig a hole, and bury yourself in it.  It’ll be far more dignified than this incessant whining.

As for going backwards, when you’re speeding headlong over a cliff, running backwards before you get to the edge isn’t all that crazy of an idea…go figure.

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