Some Help for Meagan McCain

Yes, Meagan McCain is out there again.  This time, she’s all upset about Sarah Palin (wow, like that’s a big surprise!).  So, I thought I’d offer her a little advice.

Here is the post in question.  It is from the Politico, concerning a recent “tweet”:

McCain vents about Palin

By Karin Tanabe, 10/04/2010

According to the Twitter feed of avid tweeter Meghan McCain, she is spending Wednesday afternoon at the Southwest terminal waiting to fly to L.A. But late Tuesday night, she took the time to write a blog post for the Daily Beast,  the first since she went on tour for her book “Dirty Sexy Politics.”

McCain tweeted plenty throughout her book tour, but she still had plenty to say in the Beast—venting about the fact that, while on tour, all the media wanted to talk to her about was Sarah Palin. Also: Sarah Palin wasn’t psyched about how McCain portrayed her in “Dirty Sexy Politics.”

“Sarah Palin made it known to me via an email to a third party that she was not pleased with me or what I wrote in my book. I found it surprising but I had to see the humor and, of course, appreciate the obvious irony. It seems the Sarah Palin media obsession goes both ways,” wrote McCain.

The media’s interest in Palin exasperated McCain on her book tour and continues to irk her. “Why oh why was it just about Palin?” she wrote.

“Palin started haunting my book tour from day one when on ‘Good Morning America’ I interrupted my interview with George Stephanopoulos to tell him, ‘My book isn’t just about Sarah Palin.’ It was a domino effect from there,” wrote McCain, who added that the media “obsession” with Palin has become a “fetishization.”

“Why are only women like Sarah Palin getting nominated for elected office and receiving all of the media attention? This is the question that has been plaguing me since the release of my book,” she wrote. The blogger also threw a punch at the women she labeled “Sarahbots” saying, “Are women only interesting in today’s political discourse if they are Sarah Palin or Sarah Palin impersonators (no matter how bad or poorly knocked off the impersonation is)? Is this it?”

McCain is afraid that the “Sarahbots” are what Republican women from her generation will have to morph into to succeed, but promised she “won’t quit speaking out for the women who aren’t just imitating her.” One thing is for sure, if Palin wasn’t pleased with McCain’s public sentiments towards her before, the relationship is not going to get any better after the blog.

Megan, let me be frank: not everything is about you.  That’s right.  You’re not the center of the Universe.

And if Sarah Palin isn’t “psyched” about how you portrayed her in your book, that’s probably because a) you placed her in a bad light on purpose, and b) you’re an idiot who shouldn’t be writing books in the first place.

To be honest, Meagan, just what exactly have you done to be recognized in the first place?  I know that being “cute” and being the fruit of John McCain’s loins may go over big with the wine and brie crowd, but to most people that places you basically in the same category as most of the third-generation Kennedy brats.  They’re people who are exciting to know for about five minutes, but then you begin to realize that they’re intellectually vacant and / or a scumbag.  At that point, the thrill is way gone.

Maybe Sarah Palin gets more attention than you because she’s actually done more than you have?  You know, she’s been a small business woman, been a mayor, been a governor, raised a bunch of kids, stayed married, and has really no problem speaking her mind despite the inevitable whining and moaning that follows after from spoiled-brat little idiots like you.  What have you done in your 25 years of existence?  Wrote a book that criticizes Republicans? 

Wow, I’m so impressed.  No really, I am.  Seriously…

Oh and you’re a blogger.  Yeah, just like every other idiot with a computer and an opinion.  You know, the rest of us out there do stuff like – oh – build things to make people’s lives better.  We provide goods and services that other people need, want, and desire.  You, on the other hand, write “stuff.”  It isn’t even good “stuff.”  For that, a select group of people fall all over you because you stick up for gay people, are the fruit of John McCain’s loins, and bash Republicans.  You know, like father, like daughter…

So, if those “Sarahbots” aren’t tuning into you and your obvious “cool-ness”, and “hip-ti-tude” it’s probably because they identify more with someone like Palin, than some spoiled-brat little pea-brain who sucks up to degenerate liberals because she wants to be a part of the “cool crowd.”  Sorry Meagan, I know that this will come as a bit of a shock to you, but high school ended when you turned 20.

Or maybe the “Sarahbots” have long clued-in to the fact that you’re one of those people whose fame and status has nothing to do with their talent, but more to do with their notoriety?  That makes you something akin to Perez Hilton, ‘cept with boobs.

As for why Palin gets more media attention than you, it has more to do with the fact that the press in general has been on a mission to destroy and discredit her since – well – she was picked to be the Republican VP running-mate.  Conservative women who dare speak their mind, and don’t cave in to the sexist liberal dogma are reviled by socialists and liberals.  Pretty little girls with no brains, and even less backbone are a dime-a-dozen in the liberal circles, which is why you’re “liked.”  You can call yourself a feminist, or a champion of women’s rights with that crowd, and you’ll be fine just so long as you don’t start to get too uppity, or draw too much attention away from the liberal males.  Just ask Hillary Clinton what happens when you do…

The upside is that your lack of intellect, and obvious burning desire for attention do not work against you in liberal blogger circles.  Just look at Arianna Huffington.  She’s almost completely brain-dead, goes into convulsions if no one recognizes her, and her husband turned gay just to get away from her.  Last time I checked, she had her own successful blog.  Obviously, at the very least, you have one career path wide open for you.

So, Meagan, if you still have any confusion in this matter, let me know.  I’ll help to “clarify” it for you further.

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