Kerry, Climate, and Huffington Sheep

John Kerry is a brilliant example of how an absolute idiot can be a liberal media darling.  In some ways, it says less about John Kerry’s intelligence, but volumes about the people who actually promote this utter moron.

So, I was reading the Huffington Post recently, and came across an op-ed piece written by the revered (idiot) liberal icon John Kerry (I’ll refrain from calling him “Senator” as it is an insult to the office).  There are two paragraphs I’d like for you to ponder.  The first is as follows:

It’s next to impossible to attribute any single natural disaster or weather event entirely to climate change. But the pattern of recent events provides insights into the challenges we will face in a warming world. We may not know if flooding in Pakistan was worsened by climate change, but the best scientists tell us that climate change will bring more flooding and extreme weather events. We don’t know the precise role that competition over water played in intensifying conflict in Darfur, but we do know that climate change is projected to alter freshwater flows around the world.

Let me sum this up for you: no one really has any idea if Global Climate Disruption – that’s what they’re calling it now because dimwit liberals have finally figured out that the phrase Global Climate Change assumes that the climate of the planet hasn’t changed in the last billion years or so – caused the flooding in Pakistan to be worse than it normally is.  Nor does anyone know “for a fact” that Global Climate Disruption was the cause of the all the killing in Darfur because of lack of fresh water supplies.  But, being a liberal senator who had to marry rich to become rich, it doesn’t stop him from insinuating all of this global climate change crap anyways.

 Fighting over fresh water reserves in Darfur?  Why that’s probably never happened before in that region!  I mean, aside from it being located in the Sahara Desert, there should be absolutely NO REASON why fresh water would be an issue in that area of Africa!  It must be Global Climate Disruption!

 They obviously never had this kind of issue 50 years ago, when the Darfur region was STILL a part of the Sahara Desert.  Nope.  Plentiful fresh water supplies.

 Or 200 years ago when Darfur was a desert.

 Or 1500 years ago when Darfur was still in the Sahara.

 Nor 13,000 years ago when Darfur was still a part of the Sahara Desert.  Lots of fresh water to go around.

 Yes, of course.  This is absolute proof that Global Climate Disruption is maybe, possibly to blame (even though no one really knows if it is to blame)!

 Oh, and the Sahara?  That didn’t exist until 1998.  Killing and war in the Sudan?  Never happened until the 20th century.  No really!

 (Insert “rolls eyes” smiley thingie here.)

Now the next “insight” from this esteemed liberal icon:

First, let’s think about infectious diseases like malaria. This ancient scourge kills approximately three quarters of a million children under five a year. But the world is making progress: Thanks to bed nets, insecticides and improved access to medications, one third of the countries confronting malaria have seen the number of cases drop by at least half since 2000. Unfortunately, as mosquitoes expand their range due to climate change, malaria is now reappearing in areas where it was once eliminated, like the Kenyan highlands.

Can anyone guess what one thing mosquitoes need in order to reproduce; I mean, besides blood?

That’s right: fresh water.  The same fresh water that Mr. Kerry claims they’re fighting over in Darfur.

And what nation does Kenya border?  The Sudan, which contains the Darfur region.

So, on one hand, this idiot is claiming that fresh water is evaporating from Africa (as if that kinda stuff doesn’t happen in desert regions), and then complaining that there is too much fresh water in Africa.  And this is all because of Global Climate “Disruption.”

The distance between the Keyan Highlands and the Darfur region?  About 500 miles.  That’s about the length of the State of Michigan (which has yet to see the Great Lakes evaporate due to Global Climate Disruption).

What’s more comical is that the idiots at the uber-liberal Huffington Post actually allowed this kind of crap on their website.  Which only goes to prove that in order to get a idiot liberal politician elected, you just need a spate of idiot liberal sheep to elect them.  The type of liberal-idiot that obviously swells the ranks of the Huffington Post.

What’s more disingenuous is the fact that that “Lurch” Kerry completely ignores the fact that when the rest of the civilized world stemmed the production of DDT to a virtual halt, and imposed the use of alternative pesticides on these poor African nations, the mosquitoes soon became immune to the “greener” pesticide alternative.  The result: a sharp up-tick of malaria in Africa, and lots of dead African babies.

And when some African nations switched back to DDT?  Well, as the BBC points out:

Since DDT was reintroduced two years ago, malaria cases there have plummeted. The malaria ward presently has a calm, almost lonely air, with only the odd patient occupying the ranks of iron beds.

 But yeah, Lurch is right.  It’s all maybe, possibly, sorta because of Global Climate Disruption (even though no one is saying that).

Can some one tell me how I can cleverly insinuate that greenies and liberals are liars and idiots?  I mean, not that anyone is claiming that, or anything…


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