No Lawrence, The Internet is not the Devil

(The link to the blog entry upon which this post is aimed is titled, “Internet: Destroyer of Worlds.“)

No Lawrence, the Internet is not the Devil.

The United States is a society where we can have a bloodless revolution every two- to four-years.  This is guaranteed by our Constitution, which in turn is backed by the collective will of the American citizenry.  In fact, our system of government, and our traditions have been so successful that we often forget the risks that the people who founded the country took on our behalf.  We also tend to forget the sacrifice those who died in the Civil War made to keep this nation bound together, and to set into concrete the very nation envisioned by the people who signed the Declaration of Independence.

And when I say we “forget,” what I really mean is that we choose to ignore the risks they took.  The people who signed the Declaration of Independence did so with foreknowledge that they were essentially signing their death warrant should the revolution fail.  Unlike the gutter trash Bolsheviks, and the bottom-feeding German National Socialists, these were not community agitators who had nothing, and therefore had nothing to lose.  These were people with family, property, and wealth.

You know: the evil, idle rich that we decry in this day and age.

When people sent their sons off to Gettysburg, it was done with the foreknowledge that a good number of them would be lucky if they only lost a limb.  By that time, the wholesale slaughter that was war was pretty well known by the general populace.  In fact, it wouldn’t be too far from the truth to claim that a bullet or bayonet would have preferable to suffering the deprivations of disease.  Both were equally as deadly.

We live in a day and age where people weep tears of blood over the loss of a few thousand, spent to liberate millions, where in the Civil War we lost tens of thousands (and more) to liberate an equal proportion of those oppressed.

War is the ultimate form of incivility.  Anything else pales in comparison.

The Internet is NOT what drives incivility these days.  The vestments of anonymity may be partially to blame for the rancor of the nation.  But that is akin to saying that the fever is the cause of the sickness, and not the virus within replicating unchecked within the host’s body.  So, what is the driver of all the incivility?

Modern liberalism.

Why the sudden rise in rancor?

Fighting modern liberalism.

And make no mistake, modern-day liberals – no matter how hard they deny it – are socialists to their core.  The notion that you must take from the rich and give to the poor is the Marxist fantasy that drives their utopian dream.  To make that nightmare a reality, they are willing to put aside anything that will act as an impediment.  They will use anyone and anything to achieve their goals.  That’s because socialism is, in itself, a religion: one that replaces God with the manufactured deity of the state.  So, in short: socialists and self-denying holy warriors.  As history has shown, we know just how “uncivil” ‘dem ‘dar holy wars can be.

Do you see a lot of liberals or socialists wringing their hands over their constant concoctions of lies?  Do you see them really get upset when one of their own gets caught doing things that go against their stated agenda?  Do you see them really caring about maintaining the traditions and institutions that are the bedrock of this country?


In fact, they delight in tearing things down.  They revel in the fact that Catholic Priests molest children, and raise all sort of clamor to highlight this condition.  However, they’re not so indignant when liberal congressmen are caught having sex with underage congressional pages (unless it is a Republican who is caught).  I mean, I could go on and on with the comparisons.  For brevity’s sake, however, I’ll let the litany of sins rest.

 But why the sudden rise in rancor?  Well, because of the ascendancy of the alternate / Conservative media – a movement that they’ve been trying to quash since its inception.  And the stronger people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Mark Levin become (and the more popular sites like becomes) the more vile and vicious the fight will be.

The Soviets and Nazis knew that to control the media is to control the population.  They were on to the power of Information long before guys like Bill Gates came along.

All wars are wars of ideology.  Period.  Whether it was the Rationalist Greeks against the irrational Persians, the Protestants against the Roman Catholics, the Allies against the Fascist / Imperialist Axis, or the unionist North against the confederate South.  Ideology drives conflict.  The irony is that only Time holds the true test of any ideology.

Which brings us back to the amount of incivility in public discourse.  The liberals and socialists are what they are: slime and scum who will do whatever, whenever to make their ideology superior.  Yet most Americans reject the idiocy that liberalism and socialism are based upon.  Americans do this not because – as a whole – they are backward in their thinking (and make no mistake, the people who proudly rally around the modern-day Progressive cause are some of the stupidest, most child-like thinkers you’ll ever come across), nor are the mired in the traditions of this nation.  They also don’t do it for fear of the unknown.  Americans by-and-large reject the liberal / socialist agenda because history has shown it to be an utter failure.

But final results has never halted the stupid or insane from running headlong over a cliff, whilst taking as many as they can with them to “paradise.”

The rest of us are left to either stand idly by while socialists soil the collective beds of all, or to take action.  Anyone who knows what happens when an out-of-control, petulant child is confronted realizes that things will get real ugly, real quick.  This leaves most reasonable people two options: roll-over and concede, or escalate.  There really isn’t any middle-ground to be had.  What is assured that the path between now and victory (or defeat) will be wretched, littered with bodies along the way, and paved with the blood of heroes and villains like…figuratively, we hope.

Frankly, we Conservatives and independent thinkers are in the right.  We should not back down.  We would be cowards for doing so.  All Mankind would be done a disservice if we walk away.

Conservatives and Traditionalists didn’t start this fight.  We seek only to defend and uphold the foundations of this nation.  You’re not going to do that without a fistfight or two long the way.  Better a fistfight in the streets than bayonets and bullets.  Yet, should it rise to that level, you leave the rest of your countrymen in an abyss by backing away because things are getting “too messy.”  As the adage goes: the only way Evil can win is if good men do nothing.  No easier justification for abstinence of action is the fear that further escalation will only make things worse.

This has how things have been since recorded history.  The long, slow fabrication of Man’s just conscience has taken generations unnumbered, forged from turmoil, and has often bathed in blood.  It had to be this way because, despite how evolved we think ourselves, little of our nature has changed from then to now.  The only thing that has evolved are our tools.  Tyranny is an ageless, singular monster that always hungers.  It sheds its skin over the ages, and by doing so mutates from one form to the next.  But by now, with all of our history and recorded wisdom, we should be able to easily recognize it, and make battle with the beast.  It is our burden to do so.  There are some who are too quick to capitulate with the beast, thinking – as Churchill noted – that by feeding it, we hope to forestall it finally eating us.  We were once bound to it, and kept as virtual slaves feeding the monster day after day, year after year.  Now that we have pulled away, it wants us back – badly.  I’m sure it really cares about the means by which it places the shackles upon us.  The ends justify the means, after all…

I’m sure Beowulf would tell us that fighting dragons is a messy, messy business.  Sorry.

Make no mistake, liberals and socialists are not afraid to cross lines.  They are not afraid to lie.  They don’t care about getting caught.  They certainly won’t care about their fellow man once their power is absolute and complete.  We don’t have to use their tactics, but none of us who believe in what’s Just and Right should be afraid of a little conflict.  Nor should we be afraid to escalate.  Wars are won in the Will, and this is a struggle that we should not, and cannot lose.

That’s Life, Lawrence.  Get used to it.

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