Thoughts on the Shirley Sherrod Affair

Now that the full videotape of Shirley Sherrod has been released. And it appears that her comments were “taken out of context,” the question I have is: who cares?

She admitted she screwed over a farmer that she was supposed to help due to his race.  Period.  End of discussion.

For that fact alone, revealing that she had in her past in and in her capacity as a civil servant used race as a means of restricting aid to a tax-paying citizen, she should be terminated.  I frankly don’t care if she’s all of a sudden become enlightened.  That woman has no business living off of hard-earned tax dollars, given her admission.

Frankly, all we have is her word that she’s “reformed” herself.  This proves nothing.  She may actually have reformed her views, or she may just be hiding her real beliefs.  Nowhere in her sad little speech, did she admit that she made later amends for her despicable act.  As far as I’m aware, she hasn’t shown any remorse for what she did.

But, what’s important to take away from her story is the fact that she never announced to the “superior” white farmer that she was screwing him over because he was white.  Instead, she just torpedoed him, keeping her racist reasoning to herself.  So, seeing that she essentially admits to doing this covertly, how does anyone know for sure that she’s not continuing this kind of practice?  Hummmm…?

It’s not like she made that kind of admission at a 4H gathering.  No, she did it at an NAACP rally, in front of a bunch of like-minded people.  Like minded people who laughed and clapped as the poor white farmer got his screwing-over by the angry black bureaucratic bigot.  So are we all supposed to now rally around Shirley Sherrod because Andrew Brietbart used an edited clip of her “out of context?”

Sorry, but…uh…not this guy.

You don’t continue to use terms like “one of his own” so flippantly when you’ve rejected bigotry.  Remember, it was the NAACP people who had a flying freak-out when Ross Perot used the term “you people,” in a speech before its members, back in the 1992 Presidential Race.  So how Ms. Sherrod’s constant racial definitions can be somehow excused is a little beyond me.

Moreover, while she goes on to talk about helping the poor “white” farmer, Sherrod then launches into a diatribe about wealthy white elites determining that unity among the poor black and white indentured servants was bad.  Therefore, the wealthy elites (read: wealthy white elites) “created” the slavery of black people.

I mean, ignore the fact that many of those wealthy white elitist-created slaves were sold into slavery by their own African kin.  Yep.   And lets also forget that a lot of those wealthy white elitists also strove for abolition and some died in the Civil War trying to end slavery. 

Oh, and then there is Sherrod accusing Republicans of being racist solely because we have a black president.  I mean, let’s just ignore the overt Marxist tones coming out of the White House these days, or the MASSIVE amount of deficit spending, or even shoving a government-run health care mess down the throat of an unwilling electorate.  Nope – it’s all because of race.  Right.  Gotcha.

I hope that by putting the tape out there, the NAACP wasn’t hoping to convince anyone that Shirley Sherrod was wrongly accused of having racist beliefs.  After watching the video,  I came away with the impression that she’s not only an angry bigot, but also a closet communist, and wholly ignorant of history.  Instead of sympathy, I now think that  she should be re-hired by the Agriculture Department, and fired again just to make a point.

She claims that it’s not about “hate.”  But the fact is, it isn’t love she’s showing Republicans and those wealthy white elites.  She also said it wasn’t about black or white, but she was very exacting in defining the color of just about everyone she meets or describes…especially “white lawyers.”

I’d also like to know just who lives in that “other side of town,” that she claims “needs to work with us.”  Sounds like codespeak to me. 

To be frank, I’m officially done giving the NAACP a pass.  It is the home of a bunch of angry, bigoted marxists, Julian Bond being their fuhrurmeister, who take their marching orders from the Democrat party.  They’re angry, obnoxious, race-obsessed, and so dedicated to Marxist causes like class warfare that they serve no other purpose than to denigrate and de-evolve their own people.  The city of Detroit is a fine example of what their type of thinking produces – not just misery for blacks, but misery for all.  If people of color ever wonder why they seem to never make any gains, the best explanation could probably be that the NAACP has been “helping” them. 

In conclusion, I’d also like to point out one thing: the video provided by the NAACP is ALSO edited.  At around 21 minutes, right at the tail of the “white farmer” story, they cut out a bunch of the speech.

Odd, don’t you think.

You can find the “full” version of the Shirley Sherrod video here.  I encourage you to watch it if you can stomach it.

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