Rachel Maddow – Idiocy on Parade

Rachel Maddow’s main claim to fame is that she has sex with other women.  This somehow qualifies her as a) a news commentator, and b) an “intellectual.”  In the real world – where you actually need a brain to survive – she’d be down on the bottom of the food chain, somewhere between krill and minnows.

The following entry is a prime example of her “hard-hitting” analysis.

I didn’t really think that she could top her past work of monumental stupidity when she claimed that congressmen were “misled” in the ACORN expose’ videos – created by James O’Keefe –  because someone in the media “claimed” that James O’Keefe was dressed like a pimp, and the videos CLEARLY show that Mr. O’Keefe is not dressed like a pimp (as if there is some sort of mandatory pimp “uniform” code of dress).

Yes, she really blew the cover off of THAT conspiracy, by God!  (Rolls eyes.)

Now, Rachel and her keen “intellect” are taking aim at the frenzied reports concerning one Faisal Shahzad, the alleged Times Square Bomber.  I found this on the HuffingtonPost.com:

Rachel Maddow Slams Media For Faisal Shahzad Misreporting

Danny Shea, Huffington Post

Rachel Maddow criticized the media Thursday night for its misreporting on the Times Square attempted bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad.

“The reporting…continues to spin rather madly with very little mooring in fact,” Maddow said. “If you’re keeping track, like we are, of the things that were represented as facts in this case that didn’t turn out to be facts, you’ll notice that that list…has gotten pretty long.”

Maddow cited several examples of misreporting about the bombing attempt and about Shahzad, including where he’s from in Pakistan, which organizations he trained with, if any, and what his motives may have been.

“The lack of skepticism and lack of reputable sourcing in the news coverage of the failed Times Square bombing has become one of the most interesting, and certainly the most well-documented trends to watch as this story develops,” Maddow said.

In the post was a video from MSNBC (the Moonbat News Channel).  The following is an excerpt from that “report”:

Remember when he was supposed to be from Karachi?  And then he was supposed to be from Kashmir,and then he was supposed to be from a little village in Peshawar?  All facts apparently, all simultaneously co-existing comfortably in the totally unskeptical news about this story.

At first Mr. Shahzad was part of the Pakistani Taliban, Remember?  They were claiming responsibility and everything.  It was all planned and put together by the Pakistani Taliban.


Now we’re hearing similarly uninformed speculation about Shahzad motivation.  That he was retaliating for US drone strikes in Pakistan

 So, I decided to look up some of the available news reports concerning Faisal Shahzad’s place of birth.  After looking at some dozen-or-so reports from the available news outlets like ABC, NBC, The New York Post, and so on I found NOTHING that stated that Faisal Shahzad was from Kashmir.  Nor did I find anything that stated he was from Karachi.  All I’ve found was one or two articles that suggested he MIGHT be from either Karachi or Peshawar, but nothing confirmed.  In fact, what I I found on my search that mentioned Peshawar was similar to the following:

Also Thursday, a high-level team of U.S. and Pakistani investigators grilled Shahzad’s father and interrogated four people linked to a notorious Pakistani militant group, intelligence officials said.

The interrogators questioned Bahar Ul Haq in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. The retired senior Pakistani air force officer is the father of Shahzad.

Ul Haq — who lives in the Peshawar suburb of Hayatabad — was neither detained nor arrested, the source said.

From what I’ve found, no one has claimed that Shahzad was from Peshawar; only that he had family in Peshawar.  In fact, as far as I am aware, no one at all has said that he was from Kashmir, aside from an alleged Tweet posted on some blogger’s site.  And she calls this news?

Oh wait, I forgot: she’s from MSNBC.

The Kashmir connection came about because of reports out of Pakistan that certain Kashmir rebel groups may have trained Shahzad, but no reputable outlet – again, to my knowledge – has made a claim that Shahzad is from Kashmir.

Somewhere in her pleasant-albeit-snarky diatribe (the snarkiness is a side effect of her pitiful attempts to look “intellectual”) was the allegation that the news media was making stuff up about Shahzad’s motivations – a.k.a. the US Drone strikes.  Again, did a search, and the only report that I could find that made that allegation was the following:

Taliban lackey’s twisted mission 


It was payback.

The Connecticut man charged yesterday with the botched Times Square car bombing confessed to trying to slaughter innocent people in retaliation for US drone attacks that wiped out the leadership of his beloved Taliban, The Post has learned.

Admitted terrorist Faisal Shahzad — who copped to training in explosives in the past year with Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, the leading extremist Islamic group in his native Pakistan — said he was driven to evil by the slew of deaths among leaders of the terror group, law-enforcement sources revealed yesterday.

One report, out of about a dozen (actually, more).  And, if you read further on in the story, you’ll find the following:

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the Times Square bombing attempt immediately after it occurred, saying it was in response to the drone killing of one of its leaders in August — but that claim had been roundly discounted by US authorities at the time.

But by yesterday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Makhdoom Qureshi said, “This is a blowback. This is a reaction. This is retaliation. And you could expect that,” according to CBS News.

In fact, Pakistani officials – you know, the people who know more about the Pakistani Taliban than Rachel Maddow – are making the case that this is indeed revenge.

However, most of the news reports I found said something silmilar to the following:

Shahzad is also insisting he met with Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, who has pledged to strike U.S. cities in revenge for CIA drone attacks – one of which almost killed him.

Or something like this:

Among the long list of things the attack is to avenges, the speaker also mentions US drone strikes in Pakistani tribal areas that target Taliban leaders hiding there and the “abduction, torture and humiliation” of Aaria Siddiqui.

In fact, these out-of-control media outlets aren’t making the claim that  Shahzad was acting out of revenge, but simply reporting the facts.  In other instances, they’re quoting Pakistani officials who are also saying that this was done in revenge.

Ummm…just how much evidence that that dingbat need, anyways?  However, I digress.

As for Rachel’s allegation the the Pakistani Taliban’s claim of responsibility was bogus?  While she may tout that she had a letter from Taliban “officials” disavowing any involvement, the fact is there is a video made by a Pakistani Taliban group where they claim responsibility:

Taliban claim failed Times Square bomb attack
By Ryan Lucas

The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility in a video for the attempted car bomb attack in New York City’s Times Square.

In the 1 minute, 11 second video allegedly released by the Pakistani Taliban, the group says the attack is revenge for the death of its leader, Baitullah Mehsud, and the recent slaying of the leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq – Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayyub al-Masri – who were killed by US and Iraqi troops last month north of Baghdad.

Despite the claim of responsibility, New York City’s police commissioner said there’s no evidence of a Taliban link to the failed car bomb.

On the tape, an unidentified voice speaking in Urdu, the primary language in Pakistan, also says the attack comes in response to American “interference and terrorism in Muslim Countries, especially in Pakistan for (the) Lalmasjid operation,” a reference to the Pakistani army’s 2007 storming of the Red Mosque in Islamabad where militants were holed up inside.

If the claim of responsibility is genuine, it would be the first time the group has struck outside of South Asia. It was no known global infrastructure like al-Qaeda. In at least one past instance, the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack it played no role in.

The claim, which was posted on militant websites and uncovered by the US-based SITE Intelligence Group, could not be immediately confirmed. The video makes no specific reference to Saturday’s failed attack in New York, does not mention the attack’s location or that it was a car bomb.

At the start of the video, a text in gold letters on a black background celebrates the “jaw-breaking blow to Satan’s USA”. As the speaker delivers the message, images of the slain militants mentioned flash across the screen. English subtitles are provided at the bottom of the screen.

Among the long list of things the attack is to avenges, the speaker also mentions US drone strikes in Pakistani tribal areas that target Taliban leaders hiding there and the “abduction, torture and humiliation” of Aaria Siddiqui.

In this report, we have the video’s length, and specific details of the content.  Like Al Qaeda, there are numerous factions within that Pakistani Taliban, just like there are numerous allied factions that comprise Al Qaeda.  It’s not like these organizations have corporate headquarters set up in swanky downtown high rise buildings.  A group can claim responsibility, another group can disavow any responsibility and both can be correct.

Maybe someone should give Rachel Maddow a little lesson on terrorists and terrorist organizations?  Not like it would help…

What’s worse is that virtually every news report discussing this video also follows-up with reports and quotes from both Pakistani and US officials casting doubt in the accuracy of the claims.  But I’m sure Rachel skipped that part whilst pitching woo to her “significant other” at the breakfast table.

In essence, it looks as if Madam (or is that “Mister?”) Maddow is making up a bunch of false news reports so that she can express outrage over them.  I guess daily hissy-fits about Fox News haven’t worked as planned, so I guess the brain trust at MSNBC…

…try not to laugh at the phrase “brain trust” being followed up by the word “MSNBC”…

…had to broaden their scope and blame everyone for “bad reporting.” 

Or, and most likely, Rachel Maddow’s show sucks so bad that she has to make crap up just so she can express her “outrage” over everyone else’s supposed incompetence.  An act that just SCREAMS “scraping the bottom of the barrel.”  I guessing her next major play is to have one of her producers run over an elderly couple so that she can go off on how the Republicans are trying to deny people health care.  And no, I wouldn’t put it past her.

But Rachel does have one thing going for her: unlike Keith Olbermann, she doesn’t have a camera presence that looks like a bug is eating its way out of her body through her intestines every night.  So, she’s got that going for her…I think…


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