Oh Look! Another Pseudo-Conservative!

May 13, 2010

So I happened by Breibart’s BigGovernment.com and what should I see?  Yet another pseudo-Conservative attacking Arizona’s immigration law.

Gosh.  What a huge surprise.  I’m so stunned that another intellectual egghead has weighed in for a bunch of illegal aliens under the guise of “Conservatism.”

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Rachel Maddow – Idiocy on Parade

May 8, 2010

Rachel Maddow’s main claim to fame is that she has sex with other women.  This somehow qualifies her as a) a news commentator, and b) an “intellectual.”  In the real world – where you actually need a brain to survive – she’d be down on the bottom of the food chain, somewhere between krill and minnows.

The following entry is a prime example of her “hard-hitting” analysis.

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