Lil’ Barack’s “Success” at the IOC

I thought I’d just pipe in about Lil’ Barack’s “successful” plea in front of the International Olympic Committee to have the 2016 event in Chicago.

What a total idiot.

No, seriously: what a moron!

Thy Olympics have been around for about a century now, and as the Obama suck-ups in the press have pointed out, not a single sitting president has personally made a bid to have a city in the US host the games, never mind their own home town.  But that’s not going to stop our imperious leader, whose very existence has allegedly broken barriers of all types.  Barriers like race, age…the fact that a demonstrated socialist can be president…broken barriers in how to massively inflate the national debt…

…you know, “barriers.”

And here id Lil’ Barack has broken another barrier: panhandling for Chicago.

This guy has an Ivy League education; you’d think he’d know better.  First, he is a polarizing political figure making a pitch to a committee that prides itself in being apolitical.  Second, he spent the good part of his campaign, and part of his presidency running around the world, telling other nations how much the United States sucks.  And now he wants to make a bid to the IOC to bring the Olympics to Chicago?

Not to mention the MASSIVE ego this guy must have, thinking that he – by using his mad teleprompter skillz – can persuade the IOC.  You know, a bunch of neo-socialist old-farts with even more massive egos that that of Dear Leader.

But there is another reason why Baby Doc Obama’s personal plea was a really stupid thing to do.  Here’s a guy who has to project the image of being a winner, and someone who can persuade countries like Iran to step away from the edge of the cliff.  This guy, now occupying the most powerful office in the world no less, has just shown two basic things: he has to go begging the IOC for the Olympics, and he sucks in persuading people.  The mullahs in Iran must be p*ssing their robes in laughter.  As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, the IOC essentially “bitch-slapped” Lil’ Barack.  I prefer the say that they sent him back to the kiddie table with finger paints and a smock.

Which gets us back to the reason why no other sitting president has been so frickin’ dumb as to do what Lil’ Barack did with the IOC.  That’s because they had enough brain cells to know that if you spend your political / diplomatic capital on such minor things, you’ll run out of that capital in no time flat.  And in both domestic and world affairs, such currency is hard to come by.  Furthermore, such interventions make it appear that the most powerful man in the world (or one of them) is attempting to pressure a bunch of nameless bureaucrats into making a decision that favors the US; a country the world generally despises.  Finally, previous presidents figured out very early the the downsides of losing such a plea FAR outweigh the upsides of winning.

Dumb, dumb, dumb!  Absolutely idiotic.

As for the contention that Lil’ Barack has a massive ego?  Consider the fact that this guy thought that he alone could succeed in areas where previous presidents (many of whom were smarter and better qualified for the position than Baby Doc Obama) knew that failure was not a wise option.  It is the same ego that drives his takeover of the automotive industry, the takeover of the banks, and the takeover of the nation’s health care system.  The same massive ego that directly accuses doctors of removing tonsils, and amputating limbs for profit.

And to think, this moron now wants to run your health care…

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