Mitch Albom: Stooge

You know, Mitch Albom, and Kenny Brown are brilliant examples how ignorance is truly bliss.  I mean, if I went on a syndicated national radio show and let people know how utterly stupid and ill-informed I am, I’d feel a little ashamed.  Not so with Michigan’s most favorite idiot liberal and his trusty lack-wit sidekick.

You see, when I drive into work, or go to lunch, my radio is usually set to WJR.  I like listening to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and Frank Beckmann on my long drives.  I like being kept up-to-date by people who are actually informed, and WJR is pretty good about putting those people on the air.  In all honesty, I don’t know how someone like Mitch Albom managed to get a show on WJR given how totally uninformed he usually is.  Typically, ignorance like that is a side-effect of liberal views, of which Albom has many.  Maybe he traded sexual favors to get on WJR, or got someone drunk at that station and managed to get them to sign a contract?  I really don’t know.  All I know is that when I get in my car after work, that show is on.  Most of the time I just turn off the Albom Show, and throw in a CD for drive home.  This time, however, I wasn’t quick enough.

Now that people are up in arms over the fact that a “comprehensive” health care overhaul is being passed – much of which hasn’t even been read by the people who are actually voting on it – Mitch is whining because there is some group out there stirring up dissent in these town hall meetings that Democrat are holding with their constituents.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that some group is actively fomenting outrage over the proposed healthcare “reform” legislation.  Liberals akin to Albom pull this kind of stuff all the time.  Need I remind anyone how those she-beasts at Code Pink (a group in which Mitch is probably a dues-paying member, given his obviously elevated levels of estrogen) disrupted John McCain’s acceptance speech during the Republican National Convention?  Or how about ACORN protesting in front of AIG over bonuses paid in order to retain people? Money, I might add, that was already earned?

I guess the people at ACORN are a little jealous because 1) the people getting paid the bonuses made something like thirty-times what they make as an unthinking drone, and b) they are are little guilty because people actually being productive makes them look like the shiftless bums and parasites on society that they truely are.

Oh wait, Democrats and liberals don’t actively coordinate tactics with those groups.  Right.  Got it.  Only Republicans and conservative do those types of “dirty tricks.”

(Ok, turning “sarcasm” setting to low now.  As an aside, this right-wing activist group in question pulled in a sum-total of $5,000.00 this year, and dispersed $2,000.00.  Yeah.  I’m sure is quaking in their boots.)

No, in Mitch Albom’s odd and perverted little world, liberals are in the right when they pull these tactics.  When conservatives or Republicans do this, it’s “bad.”  And so on his show, aired on 08/07/2009, he was whining about these poor, poor Democrats-turned-communists being shouted down by a bunch of protestors.  Because of that, these bad, bad, evil conservative protestors were “stifling debate.”

Mitch’s estrogen’s levels were obviously elevated.  Boo hoo.  Here’s the part where I illustrate the utter stupidity of what Mitch said (as if you couldn’t figure it out already). 

 Umm…Mitch?  Who ever said these congressmen were here to actually debate the bill?  Who ever said these congressmen were here to listen to their constituents?  Are you really that stupid that you can’t figure this out?  Or are you an active part of the DNC Propaganda Ministry?

 (The last question was rhetorical: of course Mitch is a small part of the DNC propaganda machine.  He’s a good little communist.)

 These representatives and senators are holding town hall meetings to convince their constituents to support the bill.  They could care frickin’ less what the electorate thinks or feels regarding the health care “reform” package.  And Albom, like a good little stooge, is willing to let these socialist little morons waste perfectly good air over nothing.

 Seriously, what is there to debate?  Can anyone name anything that Congress or government in general has properly reformed?  Wasn’t it Carl Levin some time ago holding a $500.00 hammer and screaming about waste in government?  And how much does that hammer cost now?  I’ll tell you: $1,500.00, and rising.

 Government, over the last 60 years, has reformed N-O-T-H-I-N-G effectively.  They couldn’t fix either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.  They’ve let Medicare and Medicaid spin out of control.  It was only two years ago that the same people now touting the raptures of the VA system were bleeding out their eyeballs about how awful the health care system for veterans was in this country.  The difference between then and now?  Nothing, save that Democrats are in charge.

 And how about Campaign Finance “Reform?”  There’s more money flowing into elections, lobbying groups, and special interests now than ever before.  Or how about the sterling job government has done running the Post Office?  What about Cash for Clunkers, and how poorly they predicted the costs with THAT program?  Or how poorly they predicted the effects of the recent stimulus boondoggle?  How about the out-of-whack predictions made about Medicare when it was first implemented under LBJ?  They predicted back then that Medicare would only cost $9 billion by the 1990s.  It, in fact, cost something like $300 billion under Bill Clinton’s tenure.

 Given the MASSIVE deficits that have been run-up over the past 40-50 years in this country, can anyone really believe – without being high, that is – that government has been effective in containing costs in any program they host?  You can whine and complain about Bush and his deficit spending, but administrations since Gerald Ford have yet to pay one lousy frickin’ dime to bring down the  National Debt.  Not one.  And if you don’t believe me, the Treasury Department maintains a tally of the National Debt online.  Each year it increases, and has done so since the mid-Seventies.

 Let’s not forget that doctors in Michigan are dropping Medicare like a hot rock, because the program doesn’t pay them enough to stay in business.  It is one of the MAIN reasons Michigan has been running a budget deficit for the last few years.  When you boil it down to its base elements, and there ain’t much there to boil in the first place, you’d be really hard-pressed to find A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G the government does effectively, provided adequate cost-containment, or has reformed properly.

 Sorry, but I didn’t need someone from Congress, or talking points from the DNC.  I figured this out on my own.

 Has Mitch forgotten about the 1990s when this same type of “reform” was tried?  That failed too.  People were up in arms as they are now.  Now he’s surprised that people are up in arms again over the same reheated socialist agenda?

 Every other country that’s tried to implement Universal / Single-Payer / Government –Run health care has run into the same problems.  People in England have to fly to Cuba to get decent medical treatment, Canadians steal across the border into this country, and in Europe if you get too old, they simply put you on a death watch.  In almost every frickin’ case service is poor, care is rationed, and costs skyrocket.

 I mean, this is just the stuff I’m pulling off the top of my head.  I’m no journalist.  I don’t have any of the investigative tools most journalists have (although I have no doubt that Mitch Albom has a direct line to his DNC handlers).  What point is there in “debating” his crap (as if there was to be any debate about it anyways)?  The futile hope that for the first time in nearly a century, the federal government is FINALLY going to do something right for once, and provide that free lunch that everyone wants until the end of time?

 Given that type of fantastical thinking, I’m sure you can deduce that rabbits will come flying out of my unwinking brown eye if I strain hard enough.  Pardon me if I don’t bother to put that to the test.

 None of this requires any intellectual acrobatics to figure out, not a Holmsian attention to detail.  There are no great intellectual leaps that need to be made.  All you have to do is read the news (the real stuff, not that crap on NBC or MSNBC), and have a memory that lasts longer than five minutes.  This country has been dangling on a financial precipice for some time now, fueled and driven by the complacency of some, the elitist snobbery of others.  You see, Mitch doesn’t need to worry about the cost of health care.  He’s made enough money on book deals and movie contracts that he can pay cash for any procedure he might need, even if he has to fly to Cuba like they do in England.  The rest of us…well…we have to live with the turd that Albom help force on the rest of us.  The beauty of America is that even talented idiots like Mitch Albom can make a decent living, and still remain blissfully stupid all at the same time.  What a country!

 You’d have to be a total moron to think like Mitch Albom does.   Or, you’d have to be a lackey for the current regime.

 In retrospect, it seems like a difference without a distinction.

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