An Open Letter to Democrats

Now that I’ve sent an open letter to “The Mob”, I figured I should be fair and balanced, and issue an open letter to Democrats.

Dear Fruitcakes…er…Democrats,

Please keep demeaning “The Mob.”  I’m serious: keep it up!

No, really!  Keep calling them Nazis, Klukers, right-wing activists and troublemakers.  Seriously!

Now, I’m a guy who has been keeping an eye on politics for a while now.  I’ve seen this type of disruption before, mainly on your side of the ideological aisle.  Usually, you guys target a couple of key people, make sure those complicitous idiots in the media are informed of what you’re going to do so that the cameras are there so they make sure that a couple of loud, ignorant, underpaid activists look like a howling mass of angry liberals.  I’ve seen the tactics before, I know what to look for, and seen that play used time and time again.

I hate to burst your bubble here, but this ain’t a page from your playbook.

Typically, organizations that pull these kinds of things off are usually proud of what they’ve done.  They trumpet their accomplishments.  It doesn’t take long to figure out whether ACORN, Code Pink, or is behind some sort of disruption.  They’ll usually brag about it after they’re done, or you’ll see their name on some of the signs.  This they use for fundraising purposes, and for name recognition.  You know, the same way people promote movies, radio stations (by dropping turkeys from a helicopter), and so on.

But I’ll tell you this: if this is an “organized” attempt to beat down Democrats, you’d better worry.  I’ve never seen something this widespread, nor have I seen the organization behind it so quiet about the fact that they’ve pulled this off.  I mean, this “Mob” thing is huge.  It is nationwide, and it is going on in places where there is little to no media coverage.

Kinda like the TEA parties.  However, I digress.

And these people are genuinely angry.  I mean, they are not spouting a bunch of platitudes like your little liberal zombies usually do.  No, these people are taking pages right from the proposed health  care legislation, and hammering their reps with facts.  How do you defend yourself against veterans actually rebutting an elected representative about how crummy the VA system actually is?  Or how do you deny the loss of private health care coverage when they’re reading from the actual legislation?

Oh, I know that you can easily counter these with lies, and you’re doing a good job with trotting out the memorized fabrications.  However, I don’t think that’s really gonna work this time.  This isn’t about facts.  These people are using pure emotion.  It just sucks for your side that the truth doesn’t jibe with the drivel you’re spewing.

I’m a little surprised that you didn’t learn when Clinton tried to do this same thing in the 1990s.   Then again, no one has credited you with an overabundance of brains, but hey…persistence is a virtue.

Now, if you’re a little befuddled as to where this all comes from, please continue to read.  I’ll fill you in.  Seriously.  You want to know the root of all of this?

Immigration “reform.”  No, like I said: I’m being serious.  This pretty much all started with immigration reform.  Remember when you tried to cram-down amnesty for illegal aliens during the Bush administration?  Well, you caught hell for that one, and you had to walk away from it.

I know, I know: Republicans were backing that too.  But you seem to forget that you are now the majority party.  You guys control it all.  You can’t go blaming Republicans and Bush now, people are not going to buy it anymore.

Then – like a bunch of frickin’ idiots – you went off about deficit spending because you wanted Bush to fail in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hell, you hammered away a deficit spending for six-frickin’-years.  People actually started to believe you.  So, when you guys got the whole banana in 2008, the voters expected you to put up, or shut up.

Not to mention all the chimp-screaming about how crappy the VA treated returning soldiers for the last four-years.  I mean, in retrospect that was just plain idiotic.  You obviously think that most people don’t read the newspapers or watch the news these days.

And then you made that big deal about bailing out the banks and the automakers before the election.  So, more reasons to put Democrats in power (even though you controlled both houses of Congress).  After all, the average US voter is not an idiot.  They realize that we cannot continue to spend like a bunch of idiots any more, and they’re right.  That’s because they’ve got a better grasp of basic economics than some 99% of the morons that staff the various federal bureaucracies.

And Biden coming out and saying that we can spend out way out of a deficit certainly didn’t help.   Then again, that’s Joe: saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, as loudly as he can.  Hell, I’d be looking to see if he’s taking money under the table from the RNC.

Let’s not forget how gas prices spiked, and a Democrat-controlled Congress did N-O-T-H-I-N-G to fix it.  Oh, lots of hearings, lots of threats, but nothing in the way of legislation one way or the other.

As you can see, this “fake” anger has been percolating for some time now.

So, now that you’re in power, what have you done?  Well, you CERTAINALLY didn’t take care of the illegal alien problem in this country.  The first thing you rammed through was TARP, and the next thing was a trillion-dollar “stimulus” package (I have to restrain myself from laughing every time I say that, as I know it to be the joke that it is) that put us even more in debt with the promise of heading off inflation going over 8% (and is presently at 9.4%).  It certainly didn’t help that Papa Doc Obama requested that Bush provide funds to GM and Chrysler, or that Papa Doc was  behind shutting down a lot of car dealerships, or asking for a second stimulus…

…sorry, had to stifle a chuckle…

…before the ink was dry on the first.  Now, you’re throwing around cost numbers in the trillions of dollars for your new, improved health care “reform.” 

I won’t even go into detail about how the promise of “transparency” and pledges to “work with everyone” got thrown out the window not long after Papa Doc Obama took the oath of office.  Certainaly,  putting a tax cheat as the head of the IRS was a real popular move.  I’m also pretty sure that Dear Leader talking about trillion-dollar deficits, “as far as the eye can see,” certainally didn’t help.  Honestly, I could go on for some time with the outrageous crap you’ve pulled in just the last six-or-so months.

Citizens of this country are finally fed-up, and making a HUGE stink over what’s going on.  Your response is to call them an organized “mob”, and make Nazi insinuations.  This, after all the comments you made in the past about how dissent is patriotic.  You know, the stuff people have archived on video…and can play at a moment’s notice.

So, knowing this, I’d like to ask you one simple question: are you high?  Seriously, have you been sniffing glue or something?

Now you should know from your own experience that you’ve never been able to foment this kind of uprising with your paid little goons.  This is bigger than ANY of the stuff you guys have manufactured in the past.  It is happening all over the place.  And those TEA parties are making all of the phony war protesting you’ve staged seem insignificant.  They are coming out in the hundreds and the thousands at these events, even though a majority of the dimwit media has purposely overlooked these gatherings.  It is pretty clear that this willful ignorance to conservative dissent in this country is now on the wane.

I saw Howard Kurtz – one of your own media stooges – taking Papa Doc Obama’s health care propaganda minister to task when she blithely tried to tell us that what the little African dictator said ON FRICKIN’ VIDEO (of all things), wasn’t what he actually said.  It was funny and just a little creepy all at the same time – in a Stepford Wives sorta way.  When your friends can’t cover up your blatant stupidity, you’d best think about a different strategy.  Again, I digress.

I going to go out on a limb here and say that I think the people who elected you into office expected you to actually do something about all the things you’ve been whining about for the last six years.  I really don’t think they were expecting you do amplify the stupidity you formerly denounced.  Call me crazy…

So here we are.  You can blame Republicans, but I don’t see any of their front runners trying to capitalize on any of this.  Why should they, when it is much easier to stand out of the way and let you guys light yourself on fire?  Plus, and the previous election made it pretty clear, they’re out of favor with the American people.  So, it is a little doubtful they’re the super-secret conspiracy out to make you guys “look bad” (as if that was some sort of feat worthy of note).  There is always the TEAbaggers, and I do see a few handmade signs with the “Taxed Enough Already” (TEA) catch-phrase on them.  There’s none of the pre-printed stuff your cronies use at a moment’s notice.  No one is pointing out the buses being used to bring in protesters like what ACORN consistently does.  If there was a “someone” actually behind this, your allies in the media would have sniffed them out by now.

Sorry, but some blogger who has a viewership of five people (and I’m not talking about me) isn’t going to pull this crap off.  They may take credit for it, but that’s just plain laughable.

So, it is becoming pretty clear to me, given all of observations I’ve just made, that this isn’t the work of one or two cooperative organizations putting protesters and angry citizens in these meetings.  It is just too big for this to remain hidden from media scrutiny.  The only thing I’m left to conclude is that this is an actual tidal wave of average citizens.  Average citizens that probably won’t take too kindly to being called Nazis and an “angry mob.”

You know, the types of people who will actually remember how they were treated come November of 2010.

And I’m sure there are more than a few of them in this mob that voted for Papa Doc Obama because he promised “Hope and Change.”  I’ll tell you this: I don’t think your definition of “change” matches theirs.  No worry.  Next year, you’ll probably see their concept of “change” when the Democrats swept into office during 2008 are then swept OUT of office.  And there is good reason to believe this.  I mean, you guys just never learn from history.  As I mentioned before, this EXACT same thing happened during Clinton’s first two years in office.  The result was a Republican majority in Congress after the mid-term elections, and that wasn’t even HALF as contentious as what we’re seeing now.

Or, if you are right, it is an organization that is able to field A LOT of people nationwide, and at a moment’s notice.  An organization that, if ignored, could probably kill you at the polls next year.

You can’t hide behind Republicans anymore.  You own the whole ball of wax.  I mean you can try to hide behind the GOP, but even the most passive observer knows that Democrats run everything.  So, your usual method of absolution is pretty much null-and-void.  Your ideological robots may swallow that crap, but few else will.  Were I Michael Steele, I’d be laughing so hard at morons like Nancy Pelosi, I’d probably pee my pants.  Calling citizens of your own country “un-American” because they speak out?  You can’t BUY this kind of stupid condescension!  It’s right up there with the “too much democracy” phrase you guys pulled out when things didn’t go your way on a few California ballots.

By the way, you’re doing a heckova job running New York, California, and Michigan!  I’ll bet people in California are looking back to the good old days when the worst they had to face was rolling blackouts!

So yeah, keep up the verbal jabs and insults.  Keep calling “the Mob” a bunch of racists, and Nazis, and whatnot.  Most of all, keep thinking that this is all a bunch of made-up indignation.

We’ll see who was correct come next November.


The Unknown Conservative Blogger.

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