An Open Letter to “The Mob”

Now that average citizens have been labeled by Papa Doc Obama and the DNC Junta as “The Mob,” I feel inclined to reach out, and try to talk some sense into my fellow citizens.  So, here goes:

Dear Mob Members,

Thank you.  You’re doing a great job; keep it up!  They now hate you…uh…now they’re actually admitting they hate you (sorry, they’ve ALWAYS hated the common people).  You’re obviously getting in their way, because they – Papa Doc Obama, Eraserhead Geithner, and the People’s Paradise Politburo – don’t bother to address the peasantry directly unless you somehow obstruct them.  Then they come in with the whips and goons.

I hear that now the union thugs and ACORN Obamazombies will be doing “security” for these poor, poor congressmen that you’ve now got running to the hills.  So, now I think it is time to talk a little sense.  Here’s my advice:


Yep.  Escalate the rhetoric.  Shout down the people supporting this health care “reform” bill.  Your instincts are right: it is a boondoggle.  Read some of the stuff I’ve posted on this website, and it will probably justify your anger.

If you have to be respectful, use tried-and-true arguments.  They couldn’t “fix” Medicare, Medicaid, the VA system, Social Security, the Post Office, Americorps, education, Food Stamps, ADC, WIC, illegal immigration, or oil prices over the last few years, so why in God’s name do they think they can “fix” our health system by expanding what didn’t work in the past?  You know, use irrefutable logic.  Logic and facts are their weak point.  And don’t fall for statistical surveys.

But mostly, just shout them down.  Be even more obnoxious.  Be even more disruptive.  Insult them.  Boo them.  Protest loudly!  Make comments about their lack of intelligence – laugh at them when they talk.  Let these people know what you really think.  And make sure you get pictures and video of everything.  If you smell the proverbial blood in the water, go on the attack.  Don’t ease up.  Rattle their cage, and get them saying stupid stuff on video.

And if they bring in union goons for protection, make sure they are outnumbered four to one.  Don’t back down.  Escalate, escalate, escalate!  Don’t get intimidated.  Keep the pressure on.  These guys are usually never on the receiving end of this kind of treatment (though they’re really good in fomenting this kind of nonsense).  And now you’ve got them whining on national TV about how you’re treating them so unfairly.  You’re exposing them for what they really are: a bunch of blowhard ninnies who crumble when they have to actually justify their position on things.  Then they go crying to the smug, elitist media.

All conflicts are won through escalation.  Wars are won in the will.  The people who win a war are those who will fight to the death for what they believe.  These congressmen are a bunch of estrogen-charged idiots.  That’s the reason why they have to make a living by lying through their teeth once every two- to four-years, as opposed to being a productive member of society.

This nation is greater then its government, and greater than a skinny African dictator whose main talent is flawlessly reading a teleprompter.

So, in short: keep up the good work.  You got the dog to stop and scratch, now really go for that raw nerve.  Escalate, don’t back down, and don’t apologize for your behavior.

Kind Regards,

The Unknown Conservative Blogger.


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