Obama Medical Genius

August 20, 2009

You know, for being such an educated guy, Baby Doc Obama says a LOT of stupid stuff when the Teleprompter isn’t giving him the cues.  This is especially true when Dear Leader decides to play doctor.

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Give This Kid a Medal!

August 19, 2009

You gotta read this!

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Mitch Albom: Stooge

August 19, 2009

You know, Mitch Albom, and Kenny Brown are brilliant examples how ignorance is truly bliss.  I mean, if I went on a syndicated national radio show and let people know how utterly stupid and ill-informed I am, I’d feel a little ashamed.  Not so with Michigan’s most favorite idiot liberal and his trusty lack-wit sidekick. Read the rest of this entry »

An Open Letter to Democrats

August 11, 2009

Now that I’ve sent an open letter to “The Mob”, I figured I should be fair and balanced, and issue an open letter to Democrats.

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An Open Letter to “The Mob”

August 7, 2009

Now that average citizens have been labeled by Papa Doc Obama and the DNC Junta as “The Mob,” I feel inclined to reach out, and try to talk some sense into my fellow citizens.  So, here goes:

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Carter, Obama, and Liberal Stupidity

August 6, 2009

I’ll be honest with you: liberals are some of the most stupid people on the planet.  I’m serious when I say that.

One can then only conclude that Papa Doc Obama is one of THE most stupid presidents to occupy the White House.

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