Where do they find these morons?

May 19, 2009

Well, I decided to cruise over to CNBC to see the latest on the stock market (which is presently tanking), and I happen to come across one of those side-links titled, “Dr. Doom: Capitalism Could Fail Like Communism.”

OK, intrigued, I decided to read the report.

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Making Cars Americans Want to Buy (Redux)

May 15, 2009

Yes, you’ve heard the expression, “The Big Three doesn’t make the kinds of cars Americans want to buy.”  They blame the SUV, anything considered a gas guzzler, and blame executives at the domestic automakers for not having enough foresight.

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Obama’s Comical Tax Cut: **UPDATE**

May 12, 2009

Recently, I posted my analysis of His Royal Highness Barack Obama’s tax cut for 95% of Americans.  Basically, I called it a joke.

We’ll there’s more to laugh at.

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Comparing Government and Private Health Insurance

May 5, 2009

If you listen to a liberal when it comes to health insurance, they’ll tell you that private health insurance rates are spinning rapidly out of control.  This is the argument they use to justify something like universal health care.

So, I decided to put this to the test.

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