I’m Basically Done With the Republican Party

In 2008, I held my nose and voted for McCain.

When Dick DeVos ran for governor in Michigan, I held my nose and voted for the spineless weenie.

But now, I’m basically done.

Frankly, I was on the edge when McCain’s snot-nosed little brat Meghan decided to spread her political wings.  I mean, seriously, she’s an ignorant twenty-something trust-fund brat whose major accomplishment was having a father who lost an election to a terrorist-loving, socialist twit.  Who the hell is she to lecture people who actually work for a living?

But, what put me over the edge was this condescending tirade from one of McCain’s failed campaigners:

Ex-McCain aide to call for gay marriage support

From CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash

April 16, 2009

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Steve Schmidt, a key architect of John McCain’s presidential campaign, is making his first public return to Washington a bold one.

Schmidt will use a speech Friday to Log Cabin Republicans, a gay rights group, to urge conservative Republicans to drop their opposition to same-sex marriage, CNN has learned.

“There is a sound conservative argument to be made for same-sex marriage,” Schmidt will say, according to speech excerpts obtained by CNN. “I believe conservatives, more than liberals, insist that rights come with responsibilities. No other exercise of one’s liberty comes with greater responsibilities than marriage.”

Schmidt makes both policy and political arguments for a Republican embrace of same-sex marriage.

On the policy front, Schmidt likens the fight for gay rights to civil rights and women’s rights, and he admonishes conservatives who argue for the protection of the unborn as a God-given right, but against protections for same-sex couples.

“It cannot be argued that marriage between people of the same sex is un American or threatens the rights of others,” he says in the speech. “On the contrary, it seems to me that denying two consenting adults of the same sex the right to form a lawful union that is protected and respected by the state denies them two of the most basic natural rights affirmed in the preamble of our Declaration of Independence — liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“That, I believe, gives the argument of same sex marriage proponents its moral force,” Schmidt will say.

Politically, he will say that becoming more open and accepting is critical to reversing an alarming trend for Republicans — a shrinking coalition. He will note that Republicans should be especially concerned that McCain got crushed by Barack Obama among voters under 30, who are generally more accepting of gay couples and at odds with the GOP.

“Some Republicans believe the period of self-examination within the party necessitated by the loss of our majority status is mostly a question of whether the party should become more moderate or conservative. I think that’s a false choice. We need to grow our coalition, but as I said, that’s hard to do if we lose some votes while gaining others,” says Schmidt.

Schmidt had previously expressed his personal support for gay marriage. Last month, he told the Washington Blade newspaper that he is in favor of legalizing it and that he voted against California’s Proposition 8, which overturned a court ruling that had legalized the unions in that state.

In making the case, Schmidt is putting himself at odds with the position of John McCain, whose 2008 campaign he effectively ran.

McCain rarely talked about same-sex marriage or other social issues, but when he did, he made clear he was in line with social conservatives in opposing same-sex marriage.

“Have no doubt about my commitment to the unique status and sanctity of marriage between man and woman,” McCain said on the campaign trail.

McCain’s daughter Meghan has become a vocal advocate in recent months for gay marriage, and is slated to participate in the Log Cabin Republican convention this weekend.

In his speech Friday, Schmidt will acknowledge that his is a “minority view” in the GOP, but will also say, “I’m confident American public opinion will continue to move on the question toward majority support, and sooner or later the Republican Party will catch up to it.”

Ok, lets try to make something clear: this guy is part of a campaign apparatus that lost an election – and lost it BIG.  So he obvious sucks at his job.  I’d like to know, outside of the obvious fact that he is an arrogant and oblivious jerk, where this guy has any room to talk?  He and his ideas LOST an election.  Take a frickin’ hint.

One of the reasons why you lost?  Because conservatives abandoned you.  Hell, 10% of them voted for Obama, for cripes sake.  And now what do you do?  Tell the religious types that they can go pound sand.

OK.  As a proud member of the Right-Wing Religious Extremists Coalition, I’ll so somewhere else for representation.  Maybe I’ll start voting Libertarian.  Maybe, if I’m going to get a Democrat regardless of whatever party I vote for I’ll just start voting Democrat, and eliminate the middleman.  I mean, for the last 8 years, Republicans spent money like Democrats.  They behaved like a bunch of corrupt Democrats when they controlled both Congress and the Executive Branch.  Now, they’re p*ssing all over religious people like Democrats.  With such low standards prevalent in the ranks, why do I need to vote Republican in the first place?

I’m really sorry that Steve Schmidt has gay members in his family.  And it is not my problem the he does not have the moral fortitude to tell them that their lifestyle is wrong.  That’s HIS problem, not mine. 

You know, the Founding Fathers were quite explicit about the need for a moral and religious electorate.  John Adams wrote about it, Thomas Jefferson, and others who were key in the formation of this great nation were all advocates for a righteous and moral people.  Many of them were advocates for Christianity as well.  That’s because the basic principles of this nation can be found in Old Testament writings – Jewish texts.  These are the same Jewish texts that are quite explicit about prohibitions on homosexuality.

But hey, since we’re seeking new civil rights, why don’t we open it up for polygamists and pedophiles as well?  Why should we deny them their right to the Pursuit of Happiness?  If homosexual marriage is the equivalent of heterosexual marriage, why not open up the spigot?

(Try this some time.  You’ll get the “that’s a red herring” retort.  This is because, historically, loosening of morals HAS resulted in further moral decline.  So the “red herring,” in this case, are those that claim the argument is a red herring.)

This is what happens when you let morons run the show.  Steve Schmidt is a brainless turd with no historical context, and no foresight as to what happens when you keep tearing apart the moral fiber of this country.  He was an integral cog in a defective machine that handed the presidency to a terrorist-loving, inexperienced do-nothing socialist whose major talent is reading a teleprompter.  It is little wonder to me that a bunch of career nimrods like Steve are running around trying to blame the failure of the McCain campaign on Sarah Palin.  Gee, I guess all the times McCain himself p*ssed all over religious conservatives in the past had nothing to do with them walking away from his nomination.  Nope.  Pure coincidence.

And here we have more of the same.  Gosh!  It’s so great to vote for a party who is so eager to throw me over the side of the boat to chase after a bunch of young-and-dumb types.  I guess it’s easier to run after them, then to try and convince them why the views they hold are wrong.  Path of least resistance, I suppose.

Sarah Palin, I might add, is one of the Republican party’s biggest fundraisers these days.  Which is why the media and the Democrats are still harping about her even after the election is over.  She’s a definite threat to Democrats, and they know it.  It’d be nice of some of the people in the Republican apparatus would pull their heads out of their rectums for a moment or two, and figure this out on their own.  I guess that’s asking too much.

So, I’m basically done.  Unless things change, I won’t be voting Republican anymore.  I’m done voting for their second-rate offerings because they suck slightly less than the demons, devils, and gutter-trash that the Democrats put up for office.

As for Steve Schmidt, they should bury him in the ground like the rest of the dog manure.

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