Stupid Obama Quote of the Month – March

I’m thinking about doing a series of stupid Obama quotes, and March gave me a choice quotation.

Here’s the quote:

For decades we’ve avoided doing what we must do as a nation to turn — turn challenge into opportunity.  As a consequence we import more oil than we did on 9/11. The… The 1908 Model T — think about this! The 1908 Model T earned better gas mileage than the typical SUV in 2008.  Think about that, a hundred years later and we’re getting worse gas mileage, not better.

Ok, here’s a few facts about the Model T:

  • uses leaded gasoline (and ethanol),
  • has no catalytic converter,
  • has a 20 HP engine,
  • gets 21 MPG,
  • rear-wheel drive only,
  • has a TERRIBLE suspension,
  • no power steering,
  • no power brakes,
  • no radio,
  • no heater,
  • no air conditioning,
  • top speed of about 45 MPH,
  • no safety features like airbags,
  • no electronic ignition,
  • no windows (with the exception of a windshield).

Now, for a Ford Explorer:

  • Uses unleaded gasoline (while the Explorer does not use ethanol, many Ford vehicles do),
  • has  a catalytic converter,
  • has a 210 HP engine,
  • gets 20 MPG,
  • is available in rear-wheel and four-wheel / all-wheel drive,
  • has a superior suspension compared to a Model T,
  • has power steering,
  • has power brakes,
  • comes with an AM/FM/CD stereo,
  • comes with a heater,
  • comes with air conditioning,
  • top speed of over 100 MPH,
  • comes with safety features like airbags,
  • has an electronic ignition (meaning you don’t have to hand-crank your car to get it to start),
  • comes with windows,

But the Model T gets better gas mileage (by about 1 MPG).  So does my push lawnmower.  Funny thing is that if you get the 2009 Ford Explorer with a V8 engine, you get as good, if not better, gas mileage as the Model T.





Mind you, this guy has an Ivy League degree.

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