Dear Mr. Cafferty…

So, again, I’m cruising around the Internet, and I find this commentary by Jack Cafferty about the present Republican party.

Here’s my response to Mr. Cafferty.

You can find his post – entitled GOP Becoming a cartoon here.

The Republican Party is becoming a cartoon.

Where to start?

Bobby Jindal: “I’m certainly not nearly as good of a speaker as Obama.” Good OF a speaker? How about not as good at eighth-grade grammar either. It’s embarrassing.

Obviously, Mr. Cafferty, you missed the following brilliant dissertation by Barack Obama, while he was on the campaign trail:

Everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma, they end up taking up a hospital bed, it costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early and they got some treatment, and a, a breathalyzer, or inhalator, not a breathalyzer. (crowd laughing) I haven’t had much sleep in the last 48 hours.

Don’t even get me started on Joe Biden.  I could be here for hours detailing all the unbelievably stupid crap he’s said over the last two years.

Sarah Palin? Billing the taxpayers for her kids to travel to official events the children weren’t even invited to? She finally agreed to pay back the state for that money she took.

Her per diem charges to the state in the amount of $17,000 while she was living at home instead of in the governor’s mansion? She has now agreed to pay the taxes owed on that money. Another tawdry grab at a few dollars that didn’t belong to.

Is this somehow similar to the $300,000.00 per year job that Michelle Obama had while her husband was a U.S. Senator?  Or the same position she had a $150,000.00 per year when her husband was state senator?  The same job that was “so essential” that they never bothered to fill the post after she left to be the First Lady?

Tell me, sir, just where did that money come from, hummmmm?

Michael Steele, the newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee, down on his knees apologizing to the helium-filled poster boy of the conservative right? Pathetic.

Is this the same Michael Steele that had his personal information stolen from a bunch of aides out of Senator Chuck Schumer’s office?  And tell me, which party does Chuck Schumer belong to?

Or how about what happened to Joe Lieberman when he broke from his party, and voted for the Iraq war?

Then again, Jack, you’re not above boot-licking yourself.  This condemnation is coming from a man who has a post out there entitled: My crush on Michelle Obama.

If the Republicans are ever to emerge from the long dark night they have created for themselves it will have to be without pandering to the right wing nuts that comprise Rush Limbaugh’s radio audience. Didn’t they learn anything in the last election?

Oh, this one is rich!

Serious Jack (and this is a rhetorical question – I’m telling you that because you seem a little dim), have you ever actually listened to Limbaugh’s show?  Ever heard the McCain Mutiny parodies?  Or his descriptions and impersonations of McCain?  When he made an offhand comment on nationwide TV that McCain wasn’t a Republican?

Seriously, Jack – are you stupid or somethin’?

(Sorry, I’ll try to keep the rhetorical questions to a minimum.)

All of which is to say the GOP is blowing it big time. They were handed a golden opportunity to redeem themselves with the election of Barack Obama — a chance to line up and in unison condemn the evil their party put in the White House the previous eight years.

Yeah, it’s a real mistake when you’re getting the crap beat out of you for spending like drunken sailors to not line up and put the country in the hole for another trillion dollars.

Yep.  Really dumb.

(Rolls eyes.)

The country had had a bellyful of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the messengers of darkness in Washington who had sold out the principles of the Republican Party in favor of huge deficits, a doubling of the national debt, and a growing intrusion of the federal government into people’s private lives.

But instead of getting on board the change train and recognizing the incredible amount of damage their people had done to the country, Republicans go blithely along as though nothing has happened. They’re busy obstructing Obama’s programs and criticizing the Democrats’ spending plans that are aimed at trying to bring the country out of a horrible recession.

The funny part about this is that you had the first paragraph correct.  Then, you kicked-in to full-on “Democrat boot-licker” mode and started spewing drivel.

When all Democrats need is a couple of left-leaning Republicans (and they get that with Snowe, Spector, McCain, and a couple of others), how do you get the notion that the Republicans are capable obstructing anything?  They literally have no power to stop much of anything at all.

Did they stop the recent stimulus bill that put this nation into a trillion dollars worth of new debt?  No.

Did they impede any of Obama’s nominees?  No.

Seriously: are you high?  Or have you been living under a rock for the last eight years?  Do yourself a favor and try reading a paper some time.

I hate to break it to them, but a lot has happened. And they’re not going to like any of it.

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows the Republican Party’s favorability rating at an all-time low. President Obama’s is at an all-time high. The same poll shows that Republicans are getting most of the blame for the partisanship that hinders governmental progress. And perhaps most telling, when asked which party is best equipped to lead the country out of recession, the Republicans trail the Democrats by a stunning 30 points.

And the Democrats are doing such a FINE job at leading the country!  I’m sure rising unemployment levels and a plummeting stock market are all leading indicators to an imminent economic boom.  Just ask Jimmy Carter.

And while all this is going on, the GOP ran a straw poll on who the party’s nominee should be for president in 2012. Ready?

Mitt Romney finished first followed by Bobby Jindal, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin.

The Republican Party is marching double-time down the road to irrelevance and they don’t even know it.

As we all know, the “maverick” John McCain (so called because he was the most willing to cross the isle and work with the Democrats) did such a great job in the last election that Republicans should repeat the experience.

And make no mistake, McCain’s transformation from the “maverick” heart-throb of Chris Matthews, to the absent-minded, geriatric, conservative right-wing extremist married to a drug-addicted spouse was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  It is amazing how Republicans like McCain and Snowe are your best buds when they’re p*ssing all over their party (and the country), but change into something completely different when they’re the Republican nominee for president.

Which should be a lesson to any Republican who thinks that by kissing-up to dense, left-leaning morons like yourself, Jack, it will get them somewhere.   In the end, it buys them nothing – just like what it bought McCain.

Seriously, Jack, most people with a brain realize that anyone from CNN is already in bed with the Democrat party.  So, you “warning” Republicans out there to stay as far away from Limbaugh should be a SURE sign that you fear what it might do in upcoming elections.  It was a conservative-based Contract for America (spearheaded by conservative turn-coat Newt Gingrich) that ousted Democrats after the first two disastrous years of the Clinton Administration.  What you and your DNC masters don’t want is for that same spectre to appear once again, so you post this mindless, infantile drivel aimed at giving “good advice.”  Make no mistake, the MAIN reason why Republicans lost the last election to a weak, yet articulate whiner is because they fielded a candidate who had no core principles of his own other than “I’m not Bush”.  And make no mistake, there were a lot of conservative voters out there who would rather spend the next four years in Hell (which is what is rapidly approaching) rather than vote for that back-stabber John McCain.  So they stayed home, or voted for Obama out of sheer spite.

What this nation traded for president was a politician (Bush) who claimed to have an ideology (conservatism) but actually didn’t, for a politician (Obama) who claims have NO ideology, and actually does (socialism).  It’s just that now, people are waking up and figuring this out.  Well, everybody except you…Jack…

If there is one thing that Democrats don’t want, it is competition from Republicans.  Thus, your “advice” should be tempered with the age-old saying, “beware Greeks bearing gifts.”

It is little wonder why you work for a second-rate news outlet like CNN (so dubbed the Clinton News Network because of their total bias in favor of Democrats during the Clinton years).  Maybe one day you’ll grow up to be an adult.

I kinda doubt it, however.

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