Should the Right be Quiet on Obama?

This dovetails into another post I’ve recently put up.  Limbaugh is already under attack by the radical Obaminites.  And the prevailing sentiment is that we all need to get behind the Anointed One, and come together as a nation.

So, the question is: for the next four years, should right-wingers like me shut up, and give the guy a break.

So I look back at past Republican and Democrat presidents.  Carter was basically given a free pass because, back then, you didn’t really have the type of Conservative voices out there offering a different view of politics than what you got from ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS.  Back then, talking-head forums on TV were basically three or more liberals and/or Democrats pounding the crap out of the sole Republican / Conservative.  The reason for this is because liberals, traditionally, cannot stand on their own mano y mano.  So, one or more jump in to LIMIT debate (of two liberals compete against one conservative, theoretically giving them two-thirds of the time for debate), and tag-team the lone conservative.  Which is the reason why Conservatives forged most of their basic ideas in the 60s and 70s when they were constantly under attack.

Reagan was under assault from day one.  The whining and crying over what he said or didn’t say, what he did ot didn’t do was almost like heavy static on the radio.  Liberals and gay activists STILL get their panties in a bunch over the fact that he didn’t publicly say anything about AIDS when it first came out.  You hear that time and time again.  Then they get upset because he was late in saying something.  However, they conveniently ignore the fact that made AIDS an nearly two years prior to when they claim he first spoke about it.

As if Reagan saying something publicly about AIDS is going to somehow reverse the spread of the HIV virus?

Then there were the attacks on Reagan’s intelligence, the attacks on his family (mainly because Ron Reagan and his sister were liberal whack-jobs), attacks on Nancy Reagan, and so on.  Reagan was utterly REVILED, and under constant assault by the press.

Then there was 4 years of the bogus claim that Bush 41 somehow boarded a Blackbird spy plane, flew to Iran to negotiate with the people holding the hostages back in 1980.  Not a frickin’ SHRED of evidence points to this hoax having any basis in reality.  Yet, this was used against Bush 41 as he ran for office, and all the way through his presidency.

Limbaugh became a powerful force under the Clinton presidency, and not without good reason.  Two years into that era, and we had a turnaround with Republicans being the dominant force in Congress.  Granted, there were any number of loonies out there with criticism for Clinton, but until Monica Lewinsky came along, criticism of his Presidency was fairly muted.  Nevertheless, Clinton took his fair share of flack.

I should point out that liberals regularly use Clinton as an example of a successful president.  So, given the template provided, criticism and dissent makes good presidents.

And then there was Bush 43.  From the outset of his presidency, you had claims of election rigging, 9/11 conspiracies, alleged lies about the entry into the Iraq war (remember the 16 words from the State of the Union speech that ended up being correct?), attacks on his intelligence…the list goes on and on.  A VAST majority of these attacks were completely untrue.  The left went to unprecedented lengths to defame, denounce, and destroy the reputation of a sitting president with nothing more than half-truths, outright lies, distortions, and utter lunacy.  It was the same complete aversion to the truth that they used to get their anointed savior Barack Hussein Obama (The Nazarine) elected.

And now they want people like me to fall in line?

Are you frickin’ nuts?

Bernard Goldberg  has recently come out with a book called, A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media; and boy if that title isn’t dead-on accurate.  The major media outlets covered up Obama’s socialist ties, outright ignored all the ties between Obama and William Ayers, and at times fell head-over-heels in love with their new messiah ala Chris Matthews and the chill that runs up his leg.  If election coverage is going to be any predictor of the coverage of Obama’s presidency, stuff is going to go on in the Obama White House that will be spun, ignored, or given good press by a complacent media.  The days of the press having an shred of concern for unbiased coverage is just plain gone.

So, someone has to be the voice of dissent.  I’m not saying that I’m that voice in any way, shape, or form, but I’m not going to follow blindly along.

Leftists in this country have no qualms about substituting lies for the truth, and swallowing that crap whole.  While I don’t advocate that right-wingers like me do the same thing, we sure as hell shouldn’t let those nut-jobs get free reign for the next four years.

I fear the country that was the dream of our Founding Fathers has all but vanished.  It has been stolen by people who will not hesitate to ignore history, attack decent people, lie, cheat, or steal to get what they want, when they want it.  Obama’s election is a GLARING illustration.  To some, getting this nation back may seem like a lost cause, but I am not one who thinks in such terms.  I am confident that there is a God, and that his Will has a way of being imposed on both the wicked and the faithful.  Yet, the faithful cannot stand by and let the wicked rule.  And make no mistake, Obama and his supporters are without a doubt wicked people.  They seek to take from one so as to give to another.  They are willing to punish the productive, and give to the unwilling.  They have no worries about using lies and deceit to get their way.  They have no problem with using or associating with people far more wicked than themselves.

As we saw in the Soviet Union, wickedness does not last.  Yet from the time the Bolsheviks took over, to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the wicked of the world were allowed to oppressed decent people.  And it was done by passive consent of otherwise “decent” people and nations.

As there is a God, there is always Hope.  It is God who gave us both Will and Courage.  Where there is a will, there is always a way.  This, from my own personal experiences, I know to be true.

So, my short answer is: no.  We should not be quiet.

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