The Irony of Joe the Plumber.

Recently, the figure known as “Joe the Plumber” (Joe Wurzelbacher) took a job as a network correspondent on Fox, covering troops in the field.  Liberals are just utterly aghast at the prospect.

The liberal sentiment to people like Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber is basically, “why don’t you just go away and shut up!”

The hatred of these two people by the Left is almost as bad as their hatred of George W. Bush.  But there is an irony in all of this that belies the lie  of “compassion” that is the Left’s claim to their “moral high ground”.

Leftists are notorious elitists.

If you’ll notice, the attacks from the Left are directed straight at the intelligence of either Palin or Wurzelbacher.  Basically, this is their first and ONLY tactic because intelligence is a relative attribute, and it is pretty easy to pull one or two clips where someone stumbles and plaster them all over the media outlets.  Now that ole Joe is on TV, inexperienced at things like public speaking, there’s going to be LOTS of gaffes; something that typically goes hand-in-hand with starting a new career.  Does anyone think that someone as utterly dense as Katie Couric didn’t make a few missteps (which she has gotten far better in covering up these days) when she first started out?

So, to the Left, how you speak and how you communicate is the main indicator as to how intelligent you are.  However, as with anyone who has debated mainstream liberals, you quickly realize how moronic they are as well as the ideas they hold close.  Mind you, Sarah Palin became governor of a male-dominated state (the gender discrepancy between men and women on Alaska is rather large), and is a fairly popular person based on her policies.  Joe the Plumber’s main claim to fame is exposing the true intent of a very slick, well educated, and well spoken (socialist) politician by simply asking a few basic questions (and not letting that politician get off-track).  So tell me, who are the real idiots here?

A rhetorical question – yes, I know.  Your average liberal will have the reverse view, which underscores the fact that their ideas are absent any sort of intellectual rigor.  Your average left-winger wins arguments by shouting down the voice of reason, or controlling what gets said.  That’s how the Soviet  Union worked, that’s how the New York Times works, and it’s the same mode of operation that Rosie O’Donnell uses.  Intelligent ideas don’t need good propaganda to actually work.  Good ideas work on their own, regardless of hype.  The only thing that needs to be sold heavily are crappy ideas.  Thus, the heavy reliance on limiting or eliminating discussion, and the need for endless propaganda by leftists, Democrats, and liberals.

So in the eyes of the people who populate the Left in our culture, people like Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin need to basically shut up and let the more “enlightened” talk.  I’ve personally heard people in the media basically call Wurzelbacher and Palin “hicks” and “trailer trash”, or the representatives thereof.

Mind you, these are are very same people who lecture us about things like free speech, the free exchange of ideas, and how everyone needs to have a “voice” in our culture.  The same people who lecture the rest of us that we need to be “tolerant,” to be “inclusive:, and to “speak truth to power.”  I guess that only counts when you say what these people TELL you to say.  Remember Rodney King?  How about Stanley “Tookie” Williams?  You had leftists praising these individuals, both of whom committed crimes.  Yet people like Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin who commit no crime are treated like basic social outcasts.

How about Michael Moore?  The man has been documented as a notorious liar, yet leftists embrace this guy as their depiction of the “common man.” 

Does this not indicate something seriously wrong with the leftist mindset?  It does to me.

Furthermore, in the case of Joe the Plumber, here is a guy who is trying to better his situation by shooting for big bucks in the major media outlets.  Its an ambitious move.  You’d think that leftists, Democrats, and liberals would be praising the guy for moving up in life.  They don’t.  it’s because he tripped up their Beloved Anointed, and pulled the populist mask off a socialist devil.

In essence, this all comes down to high school “cult of popularity” thinking.  The Left in this country has yet to grow up (which is nothing new).  People like Palin and Wurzelbacher either threaten their popularity, or are unwelcome until they somehow “get their mind right.”  Until then, they’re targets.

It’s sorta petty, juvinile, and nonsensical.  Then again, all of these are the hallmarks of liberalism.


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