A New Documentary on Michael Moore.

A new film is about to debut in Michigan: Shooting Michael Moore.  It is another documentary that exposes the fraudulent documentarian tactics, and hypocritical life of the aforementioned icon of the loony liberal Left.

This one, it appears, really pulls the wraps off of Moore, and his especially repugnant movie Sicko.


I intend on seeing this in the theater.  I hope you will too.  Apparently, if the film does well in Michigan, AMC Theaters will distribute it nationally.

Another REALLY good documentary along the same lines is Manufacturing Dissent.

This one traces the history of Michael Moore from his ambitions in high school, to his tempestuous stint at Mother Jones, all the way into his career as a “documentary” filmmaker.

I mean, if Mother Jones – an uber-lib intellectual magazine – gives you the boot because you’re damaging the brand, that’s gotta tell you somethin’.

What’s more ironic is that the people who created Manufacturing Dissent are admitted liberals.  Their portrayal of Moore isn’t exactly what I’d call sympathetic.

To be honest, if after seeing either one of these movies you have any desire to hear what Michael Moore says, or see one of his movies, you’ve already become incurably insane.  The man is a fraud.  And he makes money off of stupid people because he knows he can lie to them, and they’ll love him for it.

And there are LOTS of stupid people out there.  The Bible says something about a fool and his money…

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