This’ll Have Environmentalists Ticked!

The environmentalist tag-line is that drilling for oil damages the environment.  Yep.  If we drill for oil, we’re going to kill the flora and the fauna of the sea.

That works, however, until you see some of the benefits of drilling for oil.

Here’s the article:

Squid With ‘Elbows’ Captured on Video

(Nov. 30) – An underwater camera at an oil and gas drilling site off the coast of Texas has captured a rare sight: a squid with “elbows.”

The creature, caught on video by a remote-controlled device owned by Shell Oil, was spotted last November roughly a mile and a half below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a report in Britain’s Telegraph.

First identified ten years ago, the magnapinna squid has long tentacles that hang at right angles from “arms” that jut out from its body. Scientists are still unsure what function the elbows serve, with some suggesting they help prevent the tentacles from getting tangled when trawling for food.

Footage of the rare squid had been circulating among oil industry employees for months, but became public after a recent report in National Geographic. The magnapinna squid has never been filmed at a drilling site before, and has only been caught on camera a few times.

How many of you knew that offshore drilling platforms are ideal for studying the sea?  I mean, it makes sense: they have all the same hi-tech equipment that scientists need for this kind of research. Oil companies, looking to be friendly with research institutions (who are also responsible for helping oil companies find oil, and offer solutions to get the stuff), sometimes donate their time and facilities to scientists looking to see what’s below the waves.

It therefore enables scientists to better understand the environment in which we all live.

Imagine that: drilling for oil being good for the environment!  Drilling for oil being good for science!

What’s a rabid, unwashed, nut-job environmentalist to do?

By the way, here’s a video of the creature in question:


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