A Prime Example of Liberal Tactics.

Have you seen the previews for the movie Twilight?  Basically, it’s a Romeo and Juliet-type story but with sexy vampires involved.

It is a classic example of liberal tactics.

You want to know how liberals operate?  They redefine black as white, up as down, and in as out.  That way they look like the smartest people in the room, and feel assured that they’ve been “thought provoking”.

But their arguments, in the end, are complete crap.

Twilight is another entry in a long list of vampire-themed movies such as Queen of the Damned, Blade, and Interview With a Vampire where vampires are deemed to be these noble, sometimes likable creatures that ooze sex appeal.  Much of this stems from the reinvention of the vampire mythos by Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula.  In its day, Stoker’s novel was a lightly tawdry tale that had a lot of sexual inferences revolving around the vampire figure.  From this, more modern authors and movie-makers have all but sanitized the image of the vampire, making it out to be something that it really wasn’t in the first place.  The notion of vampires being evil first and foremost takes a back seat to their sexual allure. In fact, some people see their evil nature, when contrasted with their lusty image, with a sort of ambivalence.  Being a vampire can be cool.  Vampires are complex – beautiful, tortured souls who live forever, conflicted over their basic nature.  In some instances, the vampires can be the good guys by protecting humanity form utter destruction, the schemes of the antagonist villain (in the mind of a liberal, this means a greedy oil executive), or similar.  Vampires, in the eyes of the modern moviegoer, are “complex”.

This is in total in contrast with the traditional notion of vampires.

If you take a look at the history of vampire legends, you’ll find very little when it comes to physical appeal.  Many vampire legends portray these creatures as little more than walking corpses, foul-smelling, rotten, and so on.  This is the traditional view of the vampire – an evil, nasty creature you really don’t want to be around at all.  The movie Nosferatu captures the folklore traditions of the blood-suckers most poignantly.

In the old way of looking at things, there was nothing complex, sexy, or desirable about a vampire.  It was something you killed without any sense of remorse.  You killed it, or it eventually killed you.

Going from gross to grandiose took nearly a century of selective breeding of the vampire legend.  In the early part of the Twentieth Century, good and evil were clearly defined.  Vampires were evil and foul-smelling, humans good.  Slowly, however, all of the nastier bits of their character were gradually removed.  Bela Legosi gave them sex appeal, and by the 1960s we had the notion that vampires were the bad guys, but they had this “thing” that made women swoon.

After that, the evil was carefully peeled away, and nearly thirty years later we get Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe do Lac – the worlds first metro-sexual vampire.  Louis is conflicted over his nature.  Louis still has feelings and remorse.  But, moreover, every woman in the world wants to bed Louis regardless of the fact that he is a killer.

Eventually, we get to Twilight, where vampires can choose not to drink blood, and some of them are just plain swell guys.

So it is with the selective breeding that liberals redefine issues.  Abortion isn’t murder.  No, we’ll call it “family planning.”  In fact, in an interview I saw in TV a while back (I think when Clinton was still in office) between a pro-abortionist spokeswoman and a pro-life preacher, I saw this redefinition of right and wrong shown in its full splendor.  I guess the latest tactic by the pro-abortion crowd was to tilt the whole family dynamic on it’s head.  The abortion spokeswoman went around touting the notion that abortion was “good for families.”

That just about made my blood boil.

I thank God that the preacher in the debate didn’t let the abortion spokeswoman get away with that nonsense.  This guy hammered home the notion that abortion was outright murder, and not good for the family at all.  In fact, every time the abortion spokeswoman tried making the contrary claim, the preacher got in there, did not accept her argument in the least, and kept hammering his basic, fundamental premise: abortion was nothing but murder.  Pure and simple.

That uncompromising reverend literally shut-down the pro-abortion spokeswoman.  He literally exhausted her arguments.  Obviously, she thought that the preacher was going to somehow cede the point base on some twisted notion of compassion, which he certainly didn’t do.  He handed her her a** on a silver platter, was civil during the entire debate, and said it all with a smile on his face.

But this is a prime illustration of how liberals strip away the more unseemly aspects of their beliefs, and show only the more attractive parts of their nature.  They see the world as a complex place, filled with shades of gray.  It is a world where there are no simple answers to any dilemma, because the cut-and-dry solution will hurt someone, somewhere, somehow…and we can’t have that, now can we?  There is no concrete definition of evil in the world of liberals, with the exception of those that oppose them and their plans for Mankind.

Another example of how liberals selectively breed their issues is the whole notion of redistribution of wealth.  One-hundred years ago, picking someone’s pocket to pay for a reject who refuses to work was almost unthinkable.  Enter the Great Depression, and post-WWII legislation, and it became partially accepted.  In the Sixties, we were told that the richest nation in the world could feed and clothe every citizen, and it was our moral obligation to provide for those who had less.  Now, redistributionist policies (“spread the wealth around”) are barely denounced, and are almost routinely embraced.  We are a “compassionate” people, because we take the fruit of one person’s labor, and give it to those in need.

Never mind the fact that the Soviet Union did the EXACT same thing, and their nation collapsed.  Even now, our redistributionst mentality has racked-up a deficit that is staggering.  Yet, the American people – as expressed in the election of Barack Obama – have embraced the sexual appeal of the modern vampire.  Eventually, though, they’ll have a rude awakening as they discover that this was all PR, and the stinking, hulking corpse has come to call.

The problem is that, in nature there are no murky shades of gray, but minuscule dots of black and white.  When seen from far away, the color only appears gray.  The notion that there are shades of gray, in reality, is a myth.  Deep down inside, liberals accept this basic premise.  That is why the notion, “by any means necessary” lives as part of the credo; a lie will work in place of the truth, so long as it advances the cause.  And to make their causes appealing, they need to strip away the more unseemly aspects of their beliefs, so that people who are not liberals will accept them without question.

Its only when you get a close enough view to the outcome of liberal practices that you find you’ve taken a stinking, rotting, blood-sucking corpse into your home.

When you contrast movies, you’ll find that most people typically reject revisionist and relativist ideas, and cling to those whose message is clear, and uncluttered.  It is the reason why movies like Batman: The Dark Knight, The Lord of the Rings, and Forrest Gump were such box office successes.  They did not compromise when it came to good and evil.  Sauron was evil, Orcs were evil, the Joker was evil.  Those who openly opposed these forces, no matter how flawed, were the heroes of the tale.  It was the simplistic good of Forrest Gump that allowed him to achieve great things, and the muddled, “complex” life of Jenny that brought about her own demise.  It was only when Jenny accepted the simplicity that was Forrest Gump, and the inherent good he represented, that she finally found peace.

These are universal themes because they are almost instinctively accepted by people worldwide.  So it is that, when exposed, liberalism fails and is eventually rejected by the masses.

The Founding Fathers were intelligent people.  They knew that the cause of good wasn’t so difficult to comprehend, nor was evil.  Liberty, Life, and the freedom to pursue ones dreams were moral virtues, and not to be limited by tyranny of other men.  In the looking-glass world of liberalism, these notions are turned on their heads because if they are not, liberals have no identity.

So, don’t fall for the propaganda.  Vampires aren’t cool.  They ain’t sexy.  They are what they’ve always been: smelly, cadaverous monsters on the prowl for fresh victims.

Liberalism is no different.


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