This Needs To Be Seen.

Some of you may have already seen this, but I thought it was significant.

A wounded Iraq veteran hammers Obama, and does so in a very profound way.

I don’t think it could be said any better.   FOX provides a little background on the person who did the video:

John McCain’s most powerful ad — an open letter to Barack Obama in which an Iraq War veteran criticizes his stand on the war — didn’t cost the Republican candidate a dime.

In “Dear Mr. Obama,” army veteran Joe Cook stands in front of the camera and scolds the Democratic presidential candidate for calling the Iraq war a mistake. The two-minute video, which was posted on YouTube,  has gotten more than 11 million hits and is the most popular election video on the site.

In the video, Cook tells Obama why he disagrees with his Iraq war policies and says he’s supporting McCain. At the end, he walks away from the camera, revealing that he has a prosthetic leg.

Cook, 23, was wounded in Iraq in June and returned home to Wauconda, Ill., to recover. He said he enlisted three years ago because of his family’s dedication to serving their country. His parents were both marines, and he has two brothers in the military.

Now that he’s back from Iraq, Cook continues to help his fellow service members, running a business with a neighbor that provides valet parking services at veterans’ hospitals.

“When I first got back it was all about the recovery and everything like that, but as the race starting going on, I got more involved,” he said, explaining why he made the video. “I started reading about McCain and stuff. He’s a leader. I can really respect him, seeing as he’s a vet as well.”

Cook said he has already cast his ballot in Illinois early voting.

Video director Michael Brown, who teamed up with Cook to create the video, said he was inspired to make the video because he wanted to share the experiences of soldiers that aren’t reported in the media and to lend support to McCain for his position on the war.

“Obama has been squealing since 2002 that Iraq is a mistake,” Brown said. “He’s using the military as pawns, he has not brought our troops home and he has not done any good. When he says it’s a mistake, he’s disrespecting our guys.”

“I’m not connected with any campaign,” Brown said. “In fact, what’s interesting is, before this the only thing I’ve ever done politically is put a sign in my yard.”

I’m going to “sticky” this post.  It is both profound and accurate.


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