I Just Got Done Watching Sarah Palin.

I saw her acceptance speech at the Republican convention.

I think the Obama camp should start worrying.

It was clear, concise, hard-hitting, and impressive.  She didn’t waver, flinch, look overwhelmed, or seem harried by the maelstrom going on around her.  Sarah Palin looked like a natural.

I’d recommend that Joe Biden start practicing for the debates – now.  Because what I saw behind that podium was a chick with fire in her eyes.  And this little tempest in a teapot that the Obama campaign has started, along with their surrogates, might not have caused the kind of damage they thought it would.  In fact, that storm might be heading their way, very soon.

What I saw on that stage was another Reagan.

To say the least, I’m a little optimistic.

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